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Apple may have canceled the iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 Screen
Image Credit: MobileFun

There’s some bad news for fans of Apple’s smallest and most affordable iPhone. It seems the company has dropped plans for the iPhone SE 2 this year.

That’s according to case maker Olixar, known for leaking the design of flagships like the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. The manufacturer had previously claimed that Apple was working on a ‘mini iPhone X’ which wouldn’t be bigger than the current iPhone SE. It had even shown off photos of what this might look like (see above).

Mini iPhone X AKA iPhone SE 2 Cancelled

However, Olixar has now changed its tune, telling Forbes that this mini iPhone X has gotten canceled. Apple apparently wants to concentrate on its bigger iPhones this year. Those 3 are still on track to arrive in September as the 5.8-inch iPhone X (2018), 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

The publication had talked about the iPhone X Plus getting a triple camera setup a few weeks ago. Other sources have asserted that this isn’t happening, so it may just stick to a dual snapper system like before. The budget LCD iPhone is expected to settle for a single lens at the back, similar to the iPhone 8, in order to keep costs low.

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It’s not clear where this leaves the iPhone SE 2. There were plenty of rumors that it would be getting produced in India at Wistron’s Bengaluru factory. The original variant is currently being manufactured there. It’s still a fairly popular device among people who don’t want to spend a bomb on an iPhone and like the smaller screen.

It’s possible that Apple will turn its attention to the iPhone SE 2 in 2019, 3 years after the first model. Perhaps a March unveiling like its predecessor. We’ll keep you in the loop just in case anything new turns up.