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Apple Books gets previewed ahead of iOS 12 release, to replace iBooks

Apple Books

iBooks is getting an all-new look and name in iOS 12. The eBook app will now be known as Apple Books and get an App Store-like makeover.

Apple actually announced its intentions for Apple Books at the WWDC 2018, but only touched upon it briefly. It’s now sent out a press release detailing the changes it has made to the app. The original iBooks has been around for years, with little to no change during that time. It’s more than overdue for a refresh.

Apple Books Changes

The entire design now centers on visuals, placing book covers front and center. There’s a new Reading Now tab which stores all the books you’re currently reading or listening to. Apple has also added a Want to Read section to keep track of all the titles you want to read.

Apple Books even recommends new books based on what you’ve been reading in the Complete the Series and You Might Like sections. In another first, the app has a dedicated Audiobooks tab. This will allow you to listen to narrations on your iPhone, iPad, or car with CarPlay.

As for Apple’s Book Store, the company has put together curated collections like “Read it before you see it,” besides Top Charts, Staff Picks, Special Offers, and Free. There’s also a personalized recommendation system in the For You section based on the books you buy.

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Apple’s changed up the interface so that you can now swipe between books, making for a more intuitive experience. As for the Library tab, there’s a new Finished section to remind you which books you’ve completed and when you were done with them. All your books are stored here, including the ones downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Books is coming to iPhones and iPads this fall with the roll out of iOS 12. The Book Store is accessible in 51 countries right now, while free books are available in 155.