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Apple blames external damage for iPhone 6 explosions

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Fresh on the heels of its iPhone 6S battery controversy, Apple has been hit with yet another accusation concerning the older iPhone 6. Chinese watchdog the Shanghai Consumer Council published a report recently which detailed 8 instances of the latter exploding.

The Shanghai Consumer Council’s report also documented cases of the iPhone 6 shutting down before its batteries got depleted. This may be related to the iPhone 6S battery problem which also sees the handset dying unexpectedly. Apple recently admitted that the scale of the issue may extend to handsets outside the affected range, so a solution might be on its way.

This is not so for iPhone 6 units going up in flames. Apple’s blaming external physical damage as the reason behind the explosions and insists the phones don’t pose a safety hazard. It told AFP that it had gotten its hands on the damaged handsets for analysis and testing.

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Apple says the iPhones it’s examined so far have clearly shown that the devices went through external physical damage which led to the thermal event. It subsequently hasn’t found any cause for concern with the smartphones.

The iPhone 6 has notably been around since 2014. While there have been reports of the device spontaneously exploding in the past, these have been limited in scale. Comparisons to the Galaxy Note 7 aren’t exactly accurate as a result, since the Samsung phone clearly had a widespread problem.

Apple’s explanation for the blasts may or may not be true. The report itself quotes a woman who says her iPhone 6S got blown to smithereens in August, shattering the display and blackening the phone’s battery and back. The company supposedly gave her a new model without addressing the cause of the incident.

As a result, The Shanghai Consumer Council states that Apple should be responsible for customers and sort out complaints in a timely manner. The brand has denied being slow to respond in its own statement.