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Apple AR Headset Expected To Sport Health & Wellness Experiences

apple logo 1 Apple will reportedly bring health and wellness experiences in its upcoming augmented reality (AR)- mixed reality (MR) headset, media reports said.

The tech giant’s upcoming MR headset is expected to offer well-being features such as exercise and meditation, reports AppleInsider.

The iPhone maker has not yet announced its MR devices, but it is expected to launch the first one this year.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the tech giant was developing software that will give users an easier way to create their own AR applications on its upcoming MR headset.

Apple hopes that with the software tools, even people who don’t know computer code will be able to tell the headset to build an AR app, which will then be available for download on Apple’s App Store.

Earlier this month, another report mentioned that the MR headset will use motors to automatically adjust lenses for perfect images.