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Apple to add split-screen multitasking for iPad in iOS 8

Microsoft made a strong point through its multitasking on Surface ad against the iPad and Apple isn’t taking it lightly as a report has surfaced stating that the giant could be adding a split-screen feature in the upcoming iOS 8 platform.

The ability to have multiple apps open on the screen simultaneously is not a big deal on a Windows PC or tablet and it’s also a possibility on the Android platform (depending on whether the OEM decides to include it). So this basically means that Apple is falling behind. The iPad is one of the most popular tablets on the market and it’s quite a downer that this capability hasn’t been implemented as yet.

iPad Multitasking

Well, there’s still hope. 9To5Mac has received word from its sources who have knowledge of the enhancement, that the split-screen multitasking feature will be included with the next major iOS release. This capability will basically allow tablet users to run two applications at the same time and it will also enable interaction between open apps where data can be conveniently shared.

What’s not known is how exactly the new attribute will be integrated and function. The possibilities are too many to list out, but the concept video by Sam Beckett (see below) should give you a peek at what can be expected. Additionally, the feature is said to be targeted at the 9.7-inch iPad with no word on whether it will be implemented on the mini version.

YouTube video

iOS 8 is expected to be officially unveiled on June 2 at the company’s annual WWDC event. Head on below for the Surface vs. iPad multitasking ad from Microsoft.

YouTube video