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Apple 4-incher now called iPhone 5se

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We’ve been seeing a flurry of reports and rumors about the 4-inch iPhone which Apple is supposedly making recently. There was even a video of the handset which got posted online just a few days ago. However, new sources who claim to have actually handled the handset say the video is completely fake.

Not only that, they say it will actually be a direct successor to the 5s and is currently going by the codename N69. It’s set to be launched as the iPhone 5se around March. The strange ‘se’ suffix makes a bit more sense after some Apple employees explain it. Apparently, the title stands for special edition.

This serves two purposes, as it indicates the smartphone is a unique variation of the classic 4-inch iPhone size and an enhanced model of the 5s. Basically, the upcoming device will sport the design of the 2013-era phone but will be infused with the technology of the 6 and 6S series. This translates to a number of hardware and software upgrades.

The new report by 9to5Mac goes against previous speculation which had claimed that the phone might be an indicator of what the iPhone 7 will look like. As per the site, the 5se may feature the Live Photos tool. To recall, the mode made its debut with the 6S and allows a user to record 1.5 seconds of footage before and after clicking an image.

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These can be shot through an 8MP main camera and 1.2MP front-facing one. Furthermore, the handset will contain support for panoramas and autofocus for videos. It might pack an A8 and M8 processor, in addition to an NFC chip to enable Apple Pay. The chamfered corners of the 5S are supposedly out of the window now, replaced by the curved glass seen on the brand’s current flagship lineup.

Another thing borrowed from the modern series will be its colors namely the silver, space gray, gold and rose gold options. One function not being carried over for the iPhone 5se is 3D Touch, with the new phone likely flaunting the same screen as the 5s. Finally, connectivity specs could consist of VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fiac.

Apple is hoping the iPhone 5se will convince owners of 4-inch iPhones to upgrade. It views the device as a means to modernize without directly competing with the 6S. The company will most probably discontinue the 5s and slap its price tag on the 5se instead. The latter is in production overseas as of now and could hit shelves in March or April.