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Appetizing Toasted Notes with a Buttery Notepad for Your Desktop

Toasted notes with a Buttery Notepad

No innovation, no mobile phone launch, no product unveiled at the CES or Macworld, just a little fun this time around. An hour yet to pass for my lunch break and my stomach’s already growling with hunger and this new product makes it all the more worst for me.

Dubbed “Toasted Notes”, the post-it dispenser is in the shape of a slice of toast. When I initially glanced at it, it literally looked like a real slice of toasted bread. It comes bundled with 5 buttery notepads that actually look like real butter on toast from a distance. Alas, it isn’t that!

There’s nothing extra ordinary that you can do with this post-it dispenser apart from what it is actually mean to do, but all the same it’s so attractive looking that we couldn’t just help reporting about it.

It’s sure to sit quite pretty on you desk. But apart from that the one thing you can surely use it for is to fool your colleagues into thinking its real and ask them to have a bite of it.

Oh no, should have bought one of it, kept the trick a secret and pulled it off on my colleagues on perhaps 1st April.

It’s available online at $6.99. So do you plan to have a bite of this new product?