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Appealing features of helpdesk ticketing system


Helpdesk system is a perfectly organized data storage that will improve custom support manager’s performance and save a lot of time and efforts put into information processing.

Surely we all are aware of convenience of a helpdesk ticketing system and how it is able to make our professional lives easier and much more organized. Here we have a chance to store all important information, chains of e-mails, PDF documents or screenshots, chats’ history in an organized manner and without fear of losing some important document as all information is securely stored on a server.

Customer support manager and employees of various call centers benefit the most from this amazing software implementation as while having a conversation over the phone with a client and discussing a work related issue it is very important to have all information concerning this client, history of his previous requests and other correspondence gathered in one ticket. Helpdesk ticketing system gives a possibility to have all this kind of data on your screen in one page – it was designed in a way that any user without leaving the page can review, sort, attach PDF files or screenshots in order to adjust the ticket to their likings and convenience. All tickets could be organized in categories according to the date or responsible manager or status of operation and that helps to track them and to respond accordingly to their priority.


Special features

  • Regardless of the number of users, price is the same;
  • Free updates within 1st year and impressive discounts afterward;
  • Mobile ready with easy to install app;
  • Allows to attach files – documents, screenshots and PDFs;
  • Multilingual;
  • High level of security;
  • An option that allows exporting knowledge base and reports to Excel.

Benefits of helpdesk system

Purchasing a helpdesk software will make your office routine less stressful and will help to organize your activity by creating an accurate database. Every call center staff member will appreciate this software as it is client-oriented and helps support managers to improve their responding features.

  • This software is affordable for anyone and has light weight so won’t create any problems with downloading and installing as it requires seconds to setup or further operating. Also the buyer will receive free upgrades for the first year of operating and a great discount proposition for updating afterward;
  • Operation with data is very easy, all necessary tools are available and web design is great; adjustable to your native language with the help of ASP.NET resources;
  • Web-based software enables any member of your company with 24/7 access to your information from any devise: smartphone or tablet. Using an app, it is also possible to attach screenshots and PDF files to every existing ticket. This ticketing software can be easily integrated with any existing users catalog.

Any customer support manager will be happy to have such assistance.