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Apparent LG device with 2K display spotted, is it the G3?

The LG G3 is up for a release later this year, and as it seems, this device will stand true to the upcoming trend of infusing smartphones with 2K displays. A fresh leak talks about a mysterious LG D850 model that could very well be exist in the company’s foundries right now.

Reports about the phone carrying this high-res display have been making the rounds for quite some time now, but the image we’ve posted below has given a good base to them. A User Agent Profile released by @EvLeaks mentions the screen resolution of the LG D850 to be 1440 x 2560 pixels, and there are high possibilities of this panel being the Quad HD AH-IPS LCD one that was unveiled by the company in August last year.

Apparently, just like the LG G2, this phone too won’t have any physical face buttons. The D850 is being believed to be the LG G3 owing to the fact that G2 was named D800, the Nexus 5 was called the D820 and the G Pro 2 was christened D830. Since the Nexus series is not up for a reboot for quite some time now, there are high possibilities of this phone being the G3.

What we know from past rumors is that this upcoming flagship from the South Korean mobile giant will feature water and dust resistance capabilities as well. There’s no word at the moment about when the LG G3 will be unveiled to the world, but we’ll have more on the apparent device as soon as additional information about it is out.