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Aperion ARIS wireless speaker for Windows is a Hi-Fi system that works over Wi-Fi

Aperion ARIS Wireless Speaker

Simplicity could just be one of the key ingredients in the Aperion ARIS wireless speaker system for Windows. All users have to do to set up this piece of hardware is place it in the location desired, hook it up via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and they’re good to go.

Through the Windows 7 ‘Play To’ feature, audiophiles should be able to stream music onto the speaker from almost any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, connected to a network. This eliminates the need for constantly plugging and unplugging cables in order to play tracks from different gadgets. Getting connected appears to be a piece of cake through the Wi-Fi Protected Setup which needs only a simple press of the button.

Aperion ARIS Wireless Speaker 1

“The ARIS Wireless Speaker combines our experience in making wireless speaker systems with the media capabilities of the Windows operating system,” states Mike Hopkins, Product Development Manager at Aperion Audio. “The result is effortless listening from any room. Plus, with the new ARIS app, smartphone users can choose music from any device on their network and instantly send it to any connected ARIS speaker.”

Measuring 6.5 inches high by 14.75 inches wide, the audio peripheral is equipped with 6 internal drivers and 4 amplifiers that are most likely to deliver an output of around 100W RMS. The manufacturer has designed it with a single-piece aluminum enclosure that flaunts a brushed finish. Users will be able to select between 3 audio modes, namely natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo.

Aperion ARIS Wireless Speaker 2

The Aperion ARIS price tag reads at $499. The wireless speaker system can now be pre-ordered through the company’s website and it is expected to ship sometime during mid-June 2012.