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AOL to offer AOL MYeAddress, a Custom Domain Service

AOL logo AOL is planning to launch a custom domain service dubbed AOL MYeAddress, whose beta version will be released on Thursday and the official launch will be in the coming summer, reported BetaNews.

Users would be able to select a custom domain to use instead of their regular aol.com address. From there, the user could link up to six additional screen names to use the new domain. The service can be availed of only by AOL subscribers, and the screen names could be across multiple accounts, an AOL spokeswoman told BetaNews.

“If you set up a domain and want to invite your cousin who is also an AOL member, but has his or her own account, you can all use the same domain,” she said.

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AOL MyeAddress will not deactivate a user’s screen name; mail sent to the screen name as well as the custom domain would go to the same mailbox. Subsequently the Dulles, Virginia-based company also plans to offer tools that would enable a domain owner to create a website site as well.

The service while be free while in its beta version. AOL has not detailed pricing for MyeAddress when the service officially debuts.

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