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AOL to Discontinue Xdrive, AOL Pictures and Bluestring

AOL Logo Apparently, AOL is shutting down three of its data-storage services. The discontinued services of the AOL are Xdrive, AOL Pictures and Bluestring. The move is said to be a part of a new strategy of the company.

Xdrive is service allowed AOL users to store their back ups online. While the AOL Pictures offered users to share their photos just the way users do on the other sites like Flickr. Bluestring enabled users to share their video, photo and music files.

“The decision to sunset these products is 100 percent part of a strategy that began last year to focus on the areas where we can win and to move away from products or features that are not contributing to our growth,” said AOL spokeswoman Trish Primrose.

There are some rumors doing the rounds that say industry leaders like Yahoo and Microsoft might be interested in acquiring these sites from AOL. However there is no official confirmation about this being true.