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AOL Alto cloud-based email client aims to deliver visual relief from redundant mails

AOL Alto

At times, mails like deals, notifications from social networks, newsletters and so on can be no different from spam and eliminating these are one of the main goals of the AOL Alto client. This cloud-based email service is designed to provide users with an elegant experience through visual relief from mail clutter and it also packs in a host of organizational features.

With this tool, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, .Mac and .me account holders will have quick access to their inboxes, sans the need for creating a new email address with the service. Through assistance from a feature called stacks, the web-based client is capable of automatically listing out all important mails in an organized layout for convenient viewing. Users can even create custom stacks based on sender, keywords and recipients amongst others, by simply dragging and dropping mails. Additionally, they will be able to combine all registered inboxes into one single layout.

Stacks also play a major role in sorting content with digital media. For instance, all mails with photos and attachments will be arranged into a dedicated layout. When it comes to finding stuff, the application takes speed as the top priority. According to the company, users will have a real-time visual search experience where query results will show up instantly. Mails rendered here will be categorized into different segments based on their type.

The AOL Alto cloud-based email client is available as a limited preview. Registrations are said to be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Interested users can sign up for a free account by visiting the altomail.com website.