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Anti-Knife T-shirt from Nihon Uni Protects you against Knife Attacks

Anti-knife T-shirt

Here’s a t-shirt which will not only protect you from the winter chills, but will literally guard you from any impending dangers.

Chuo Ward, Osaka-based uniform manufacturing company Nihon Uni has developed a t-shirt which apparently safeguards the people wearing it from knives. The ever-increasing rate of malicious crimes that have victimized children and late-night convenience store clerks surely makes this t-shirt sound like quite a blessing in disguise.

The fiber used in this special t-shirt is three times stronger as cotton. The strength of the Nihon Uni’s t-shirt made from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber equates to aramid fiber used in body armor.

Though the t-shirt seems tough, it’s extremely lightweight and thus is machine-washable. Its mesh fabric can be punctured by a sharp point.

There are two styles available – a short-sleeved one and a long-sleeved one. While the short-sleeved version of the T-shirt costs 19,000-52,000 yen ($190-522), the long-sleeved pick ranges from 22,000-59,000 yen ($220-590). No points for guessing, the protective t-shirt from Nihon Uni will hit store shelves across the Japanese market in June. What can we say, some people have all the luck!