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7 Anime Like Vampire Knight

Animes Like Vampire Knight

All our anime like Vampire Knight have one thing in common – the supernatural. Besides this engaging theme, they are also sprinkled with other fun elements like comedy, cute characters, romance and of course, action. The paranormal has always intrigued the public at large. It has even been the preferred setting for tons of films, novels, TV sitcoms, manga, and even anime. This time around, we explore the latter and find out just how many great pearls are scattered out there in the vast anime ocean.

1 – Blood+:


We begin our bloody list with the mention of Blood+ where an intense war wages across the centuries. On either side of the line are 2 mighty groups known as the Chiroptera and Red Shield. What’s so special about these 2 factions, you might wonder? Well, the Chiroptera need to feed off the blood of a living being in order to survive. Adding to this, they even have the ability to take on the guise of a human.

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Now, the latter is an organization that’s dedicated to fighting and suppressing this menace. Blood+ revolves around a high school girl named Saya Otonashi who can only remember what happened a year back and nothing prior to that.

2 – Black Blood Brothers:

Black Blood Brothers

The storyline featured in Black Blood Brothers, the next entrant in our anime similar to Vampire Knight array takes place 10 years after the sacred war between the vampires and humans. During the horrible conflict, Jiro Mochizuki defeated the Kowloon King and his animalistic children. Now Jiro and his younger brother Kotaro go in search of the Special Zone where vampires and humans live in harmony together, putting all differences aside.

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However, the duo is plunged into a battle that’s sparked between vampire refugees, human soldiers and the survivors of the Kowloon Children. Along with a negotiator called Mimiko, the brothers strive to make sense of the situation at hand, and in order to protect the ones closest to them, the Silver Blade will once again be drawn from its sheath. When that happens, you can be sure to see some serious pain being dealt with by the accused.

3 – Karin: Chibi Vampire:

Karin Chibi Vampire

If you liked the cute characters that sprung up in Vampire Knight, then you’ll surely appreciate the ones roped in Karin: Chibi Vampire. The protagonist, Karin Maaka is a vampire but does not harbor the traits of one. Instead of feeding on blood, she produces an excess of it which forces her to bite others in order to expel the extra blood. In spite of all this, she still strives to live as a normal teenage girl in Japan.

Her life changes when a new transfer student, Kenta Usui comes to her school. Every time she gets too close to him, her blood increases. He eventually finds out her secret and as the story progresses, they both fall in love.

4 – Trinity Blood:

Trinity Blood

The events in Trinity Blood occur in a distant future after Armageddon. This inclusion in our Vampire Knight alternatives roster also sees the humans and vampires at loggerheads with each other. The lead character here is a priest named Peter Abel Nightroad who roams across the four corners of the earth representing the Vatican.

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What’s more, he is also a member of a special operation faction that’s simply called ‘Ax’ which is under the control of Cardinal Catherina. During his escapades, he comes face to face with a young girl who goes by the name of Esther.

5 – MoonPhase:


If you like a little comedy dusted across your anime series that comprises of supernatural, action, romance and drama elements, then we urge you to take a peek at MoonPhase. The leading pair involved here includes the likes of Kohei Morioka and Hazuki. The former is a photographer who is on an assignment for a magazine that deals with the occult and all things mysterious.

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His travels lead him to an eerie castle that’s located in Germany. There he finds a vampire girl known as Hazuki who wishes to transform him into her servant to do her bidding. However, he succeeds in freeing her instead of giving in to her will. She ends up following Kohei all the way to Tokyo where an unusual bond ensues.

6 – Ghost Hunt:

Ghost Hunt

In Ghost Hunt, Mai Taniyama is a 16-year-old first-year high school student who loves to tell ghost stories. One day, she encounters 17-year-old Kazuya Shibuya who is the young manager of an institution called the Shibuya Psychic Research Center or SPR. He is sent to Taniyama’s school to investigate paranormal activity. As the story plays out, Mai steps into dangerous territory and is saved by Kazuya’s assistant.

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However in the bargain, his daredevil act leaves him injured and now, Mai must take his place as Kazuya’s assistant. This entrant in our anime similar to Vampire Knight lineup taps into the paranormal abilities of all the characters involved in the engaging series.

7 – Hellsing:


No vampire-related list can be complete without the mention of Hellsing. The title given to the series is also the name of a secret organization that is tasked with the job of fighting supernatural threats. They have kept humans safe from the things that go bump in the night for many years now. And among the brave members is an enigmatic vampire called Alucard.

His team comprises of Integra Wingates’ mysterious butler and a new vampire minion known as Seras Victoria. The dreaded enemies here include the secret organization from the Vatican and the Millennium.


Vampire Knight is an amalgamation of romance, supernatural, mystery, drama, and action. The 3 main characters featured here include Yuki Cross, a first-year general education student at Cross Academy and her childhood friend Zero Kiryu as well as Kaname, a vampire who saved Yuki’s life when she was younger. After a long history of conflict between vampires and humans, they now try to coexist peacefully. The undead attends the Night Class whose secret is protected by none other than Yuki and her pal, Zero. So help yourself to some great anime like Vampire Knight, and don’t forget to revisit this space and leave your favorite names in the comment box.

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