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7 Anime Like Rosario Vampire

If you’re looking for anime like Rosario Vampire then you probably want to get your hands on animes that ooze with action, romance and cute characters. Well, there are many options strewn across the terrain that fit the bill and we’ve zeroed in on a few that would certainly tug at your heartstrings. Each of them contains loads of fan service, quirky moments if you like the comedy aspect of Rosario Vampire and even some ecchi themes. And most of them even involve high school characters who try to lead a normal academic life in spite of all the supernatural things that take place around them.

1 – Sekirei:


Sekirei is packed with hot girls who possess fantastic superpowers. However, these powers can only be unlocked when the girl is paired with a human who has special genes. Now, Minato Sahashi is one such boy who falls into the category of Ashikabi. He previously had no luck with women until one fateful day when a warrior babe called Musubi fell right into his life.

She chose Minato to be her partner so that he can help unlock her superpowers and win the competition that’s being held by the mysterious MBI corporation. Watch as buxom women and bodacious brawlers fight it out in the ring, blasting their opponents with bouts of blasts and strength.

2 – Omamori Himari:

Omamori Himari

Harem and demons seem to be an interesting combination especially when it’s sprinkled with action, romance, and comedy. The storyline of Omamori Himari revolves around a 16-year-old high school boy called Yuto Amakawa. However, he’s not just any ordinary boy but a descendent of a family that has been dominated by demons for eons now. The charm that had protected him against these ghastly beasts has become impotent. But to his good luck, he’s protected by a beautiful cat spirit samurai girl who goes by the name of Himari. The sword-wielding lass has taken an oath to guard Yuto with her life. This inclusion in our anime similar to Rosario Vampire roster also hoards plenty of fan service elements so prepare to be entertained.

3 – To Love-Ru:

To Love-Ru

There are more comedy, action, and romance to be had in To Love-Ru. The story centers around 3 main characters. One of the lead individuals is Yuuki Rito, a high school boy who just can’t get around to telling his crush Sairenji Haruna, how he feels. One day, a mysterious girl called Lala makes her appearance in his life. Lala is actually an alien from the planet Deviluke who is forced to return to her home, marry a suitor and take her rightful place on the throne. However, she decides to stay back on earth and marry Rito instead. To Love-Ru also appealed to video game fans when it unfurled across portable consoles such as the PSP and Nintendo DS a few years ago.

4 – Vampire Knight:

Vampire Knight

While the male protagonists in a few of our Rosario Vampire alternatives enjoyed the attention of many women, Vampire Knight features a female lead who garners the interest of handsome, charismatic guys. Yes, it’s certainly got vampires and all things supernatural, wrapped up in a neat bundle. The events of this anime surround a first-year student at Cross Academy named Yuki Cross and her childhood pal Zero Kiryu.

YouTube video

And what vampire-based series would be complete without a leading vampire. Well, the bloodsucker in the spotlight here is none other than Kaname, the individual who saved Yuki’s life when she was just a little girl. In Vampire Knight, the undead and humans co-exist peacefully. However, while humans go to school during the day, the vampires attend the Night Class.

5 – Freezing:


The anime known simply as Freezing is set in a futuristic world and booms onto the scene with different elements like action, harem, fan service, and superpowers. It all begins with a Japanese youth called Kazuya Aoi who enrolls at the West Genetics Academy. What’s more, this is no ordinary academic facility. It’s a training school for buxom beauties known as Pandoras. Each of these stunning girls is endowed with superhuman strength and is very alluring. Kazuya is training to be a Limiter, a battle partner and decides to become the male associate of a powerful girl who’s called Bridgette L. Satellizer.

6 – Heaven’s Lost Property:

Heaven’s Lost Property

In Heaven’s Lost Property, you’ll be able to come up close and personal with an Unidentified Mysterious Animal (U.M.A.) known as Ikaros. She falls from the sky and plummets right into the arms and life of Tomoki Sakurai, and begins to call him ‘Master.’ But these aren’t the only characters present in this particular entrant in our roster of anime similar to Rosario vampire.

YouTube video

The lead duo is accompanied by the likes of Nymph and a new Angeloid. Also christened Sora no Otoshimono, the tagline attached to this anime reads as, ‘your wish is her desire.’

7 – Girls Bravo:

Girls Bravo

Just as the name ‘Girls Bravo’ suggests, the harem-infused anime is packed to the hilt with gorgeous girls and one lucky guy. The male protagonist here namely, Yukinari has been bullied by girls all his life. He has also developed a rare condition – if he comes in contact with girls or is even in the same room as them, he breaks out in hives.

YouTube video

Now as fate would have it, he magically gets sucked into the city of Seiren which is located on a mystic world that orbits Earth but is invisible. This parallel universe is home to loads of women and very few men. Among all the lasses present here, Miharu-chan is the only girl who can touch Yukinari without him undergoing any sort of allergy attacks.


In Rosario Vampire, you’re introduced to a supernatural student body which includes the likes of a gorgeous bloodsucker called Moka. She has the ability to transform into a ferocious super monster when the rosary around her neck is removed. Harem-wise, the new human student named Tsukune catches the eye of not only Moka but also a host of other girls like a succubus, a witch and a snow fairy. And he’s even managed to attract some real danger in the bargain.

So if you were drawn to the exciting elements that were fitted into this particular series then you’ll surely fall in love with our aforementioned anime like Rosario Vampire. Do watch them all and return to this space with your feedback. You can punch your comments into the box situated just below.