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8 Anime Like Naruto

Animes Like Naruto

What do you expect from anime like Naruto? Loads of action, comical characters or perhaps a dollop of humor? Well, we have compiled a list of options that should appeal to each one of your anticipations and then some. Naruto enthralled audiences with awesome fight sequences, great powers, tons of laughs and not to forget, lovable characters like Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, among others. There are also other fantastic individuals who reveal themselves throughout the series, each sporting an interesting garb and of course, great fighting skills.

1 – Bleach:


Bleach boasts of a storyline that revolves around a 15-year-old boy called Ichigo Kurosaki and all his fantastic friends like Orihime Inoue, Uryu Ishida, and Yasutora. Kurosaki, who has the ability to see spirits and ghosts, meets the Shinigami known as Rukia Kuchiki. After their encounter, he gains unbelievable power and is transformed into a Soul Reaper as Rukia transfers all her powers to him.

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However, the Soul Society law condemns this act and Rukia is sentenced to death for her actions. But not all hope is lost as Ichigo Kurosaki and his pals set out to save her life, even if it means foraying into the Soul Society and waging war against the elites of the Soul Reaper military force.

2 – One Piece:

One Piece

Get ready to put on your eye patch and hoist the Jolly Roger skull and bones flag as One Piece sails into our anime similar to Naruto roster. It has all the ingredients to keep any swashbuckler glued to their television sets or PC screens for hours on end. There’s a wonderful treasure called One Piece that was hidden somewhere in the Grand Line by legendary Pirate King Gold Roger.

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Follow the dangerous journey of the comical Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of ruthless pirates as they go in search of this marvelous bounty. Luffy is blessed with the ability to stretch like rubber after he accidentally ate the magical Gum-Gum fruit. Join Luffy, Roronoa Zolo, Nami the Navigator, Sanji, Usopp, and Tony Tony Chopper, and set sail on a fantastic voyage to become the ultimate Pirate King.

3 – YuYu Hakusho:

YuYu Hakusho

YuYu Hakusho tells the story of a 14-year-old delinquent boy called Yusuke Urameshi. He is given a new lease of life when he risks all to save a child from a fatal accident. The second chance blesses him with great powers as he’s called on to step into the shoes of a Spirit Detective whose task is to defeat any evil humans and demons who want to rule over the 3 realms of reality.

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He is joined by the likes of 3 other formidable fighters namely Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama. The delightful mixture is spiced up with sprinkles of action, mystery, adventure, and martial arts, somewhat like Naruto.

4 – Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail

Embark upon fun-filled adventures and take on various quests that are offered to the Fairy Tail guild. Lucy, a young mage aged just 17, runs away from home and eventually meets a teenage boy called Natsu while visiting Harujion Town.

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This young lad has been brought up by the dragon Igneel and is also a member of the Fairy Tail guild, a group Lucy longs to join. Once she accepts membership into the guild, she’s introduced to Erza, Gray, and Happy the cat. Together, they prepare to tackle any danger that comes their way as they go in search of the dragon Igneel.

5 – Dragon Ball Z:

Dragon Ball Z

If names like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi ring a bell, then you’ll surely be familiar with the next entrant in our Naruto alternatives array called Dragon Ball Z. It’s known throughout the anime world for its fighting sequences, charismatic characters and a slice of humor. The only hope against the powerful Saiyans is Goku and his mighty pals who rise to the occasion.

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The evil threat comes to earth in order to search for the wish-granting seven magic Dragon Balls. However, their task won’t be an easy one as they’ll have to go through earth’s mightiest hero and his champion companions first.

6 – Hunter x Hunter:

Hunter x Hunter

Besides anime and manga, Hunter x Hunter also gave rise to video games, audio albums and musicals. So what exactly is this Hunter x Hunter? Well, the story revolves around a young boy called Gon Freecss living on Whale Island who learns that his father is actually alive and scouring the globe for unknown items like exotic living creatures and hidden treasures. Gon then decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Hunter himself. Now in order to do so, he must leave the island and pass the Hunter Examination. He also joins forces with other Hunter enthusiasts namely Kurapika, Leorio and Killua. As the developer reveals, ‘Each has his own reason for wanting to be a hunter, why do you want to be a hunter?’

7 – The Law of Ueki:

The Law of Ueki

In The Law of Ueki, Kousuke Ueki, a 7th grader at Hinokuni Junior High is granted the awesome power of transforming trash into trees. These powers have been bestowed upon him by his homeroom teacher Mr. K. He is then chosen by a God Candidate called Koba-sen to take part in a fierce competition where individuals come to battle and the victorious is crowned God.

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Some of the faces you’ll see splashed across this particular candidate in our anime similar Naruto lineup include Ueki’s classmate Ai Mon, Inumaru, Seiichiro Sano and Rinko Jerrard.

8 – Soul Eater:

Soul Eater

Our final gem is called Soul Eater where the dynamic duo of Maka and Soul take on evil guised as a Meister and weapon, respectively. They study at the Grim Reaper’s Death Meister Academy and fight against werewolves, zombies, and witches who feed on the innocent.

Soul has the ability to transform into a razor-sharp scythe when the need arises. They are also seen fighting against the wicked alongside their fellow Meister/Weapon classmates.


Naruto brought forth the fantastic escapades of the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki as well as all his friends and foes. It allowed you to step into the ninja era where the characters wielded great ninja powers and unique abilities. The 8 anime like Naruto also ooze with similar features and offer fans hidden secrets to unravel and awesome adventures to embark on.

So if you’re willing to look beyond well-known faces like Kakashi Hatake, Orochimaru, Gaara, and Rock Lee, you’ll see other decent options that reflect many of the attributes infused in this acclaimed anime. Which ones will you be watching this weekend? Do leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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