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8 Anime Like InuYasha – The Ultimate List

Animes Like Inuyasha

InuYasha is a fan-favorite anime for its mythological themes, interesting characters, cool fights, and juicy drama. If you’re looking out for anime like Inuyasha, then you’ll surely want large helpings of drama, adventure, romance, humor, and fantasy. And that’s precisely what you’ll get when you dive into any of our eight options. Inuyasha gripped the world with its stunning storyline, great graphics and not to forget an incredible slew of charismatic characters. So without further ado here are our befitting picks.

1 – Fruits Basket:

fruits basket anime In Fruits Basket, the Sohma family is cursed and upon being touched by a person of the opposite gender, the allotted members of the kin turn into an animal from the Chinese zodiac. The story revolves around Tohru Honda, a 16-year-old orphaned girl who comes to live with the accursed family.

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And as she mingles around with the extended relatives and gets to know each one of them, she finds that the terrible burden is no laughing matter as it comes with a horrible price of heartbreak and cruelty. She must now keep their secrets or face the consequences.

2 – Ranma ½:

ranma 1/2 anime The Japanese manga series known as Ranma ½ is next on our roster of anime similar to Inuyasha. And like the gem in question, this one is also created and written by Rumiko Takahashi and published by Shogakukan. So you can expect similar action and adventure to erupt in Ranma ½ as well. Here, the protagonist who is a 16-year-old boy called Ranma Saotome, has been training in martial arts since his childhood days.

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However, due to an accident that occurs during his training, he is cursed to change into a girl whenever cold water is splashed on him. He can also alter this gender back into a male when he comes in contact with hot water.

3 – Fushigi Yûgi:

fushigi yugi anime Also famously known as Curious Play, this particular anime spans across 18 volumes and follows the escapades of 2 teenage school girls called Miaka and Yui. Their fantastic journey begins when they both get sucked into the mysterious book ‘The Universe of the Four Gods.’ In this alternate universe, Miaka is called upon to be the priestess of Suzaku and must gather the 7 Celestial Warriors in order to summon the great god Suzaku himself.

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She eventually falls in love with Tamahome, one of the chosen Celestial Warriors. However, her friend Yui finds herself becoming the Priestess of Seiryuu and attempts to take revenge on Miaka. There’s fantasy, ancient cities, romance and comedy fitted into this engaging series.

4 – Rurouni Kenshin:

rurouni kenshin

Anime and manga enthusiasts will definitely need no introduction to Rurouni Kenshin. And for those who aren’t too familiar with this particular entrant into our Inuyasha alternatives array, well, we’ll tell you just what it’s all about. Firstly, its captivating storyline is set in the early Meiji period in Japan. Also known by many as Samurai X, the series puts the fictional assassin called Himura Kenshin in the spotlight as he wanders across the vast expanses of Japan, protecting its inhabitants as he journeys from one district to another.

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He was once the assassin known as Hitokiri Battosai, who participated in the Bakumatsu war. He now fights for the people of Japan and befriends Kamiya Kaoru, Sagara Sanosuke, Takani Megumi, and Myojin Yahiko.

5 – The Vision of Escaflowne:

The Vision of Escaflowne

The storyline of the anime called The Vision of Escaflowne sees Hitomi, a high school student transported to a magical world of Gaea. Here, she comes in contact with the boy prince Van Fanel and must embark on a quest to bring the many countries of Gaea under one rule to defeat the ominous Zaibach empire.

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Along the way, she tries to unravel the mystery of Van’s past and even discovers that she has awesome fortune-telling powers. Watch as the brave characters strive to awaken the giant machine called Escaflowne.

6 – Kyo Kara Maoh!:

kyo kara maoh

Here’s another title in our anime similar to Inuyasha lineup where the protagonist, who seems to live an ordinary life on earth, is sucked into an alternate universe that’s filled with fantastic creatures and interesting characters. Yuri Shibuya is your ordinary 15-year-old high school student who finds himself transported to another world after attempting to save a fellow student from bullies.

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When he gets his head dunked into a toilet, he emerges into a world that somewhat resembles medieval Europe. And because of his black eyes and hair, he’s informed that he is to be the next Maoh, the new Demon King.

7 – Full Metal Panic!:

full metal panic

The ‘protecting story’ sort continues with the mention of Full Metal Panic!. The series stars Sousuke Sagara, a 17-year-old military specialist who works for the secret organization MITHRIL. He is tasked with protecting the latest Whispered candidate known as Kaname Chidori.

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What’s more, his assignment requires him to face foes from his past and even deal with the occasional panty thief. But what seems to be most challenging is his task to blend into an average high school student’s life after being raised amidst the likes of battle and war.

8 – Bleach:

bleach anime

Bleach, one of the more famous series in the vast anime world, lets you experience a wondrous world filled with demons and powers beyond reckoning, all through the eyes of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old-boy who is blessed with the ability to see spirits and ghosts. After his encounter with the Shinigami called Rukia Kuchiki, his entire life as he knows it changes.

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She transfers her powers to him and now, as a Soul Reaper, he fights against soul-eating spirits known as Hollows. However, it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and so Rukia is condemned to die for breaking the Soul Society law. Ichigo swears to save Rukia’s life with the help of other individuals like Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, and Uryu Ishida.


If you’re a fan of the adorable yet fierce dog demon and all his friends, then you’ll definitely love what we have in store for you in our anime like Inuyasha list. It may not emulate the series to the tee nor will you hear anything like ‘Sit, Boy’ but you can certainly expect a lot of familiar elements that will surely have you glued to your television sets or PC screens for a good amount of hours.

Now that you know which anime like Inuyasha to watch, go ahead and get your binge on! You’ve already chosen the best of the lot. So there’s nothing stopping you from diving in head first and getting lost in a world full of magic, adventure, romance, humor and drama with any one of these eight options.

And all you anime fans can stay tuned to this spot as we’ll be dishing out apt alternatives to most of your favorite shows.

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