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7 Anime Like Claymore

Animes Like Claymore

When you think of anime like Claymore, what do you expect to see embedded in each of them? Well, we’re guessing some of the attributes would be a strong protagonist, an interesting plot, captivating fight scenes and lots of gore. Well, if you’re nodding in agreement at this moment, then we’re sure you’ll simply love the lineup we have chalked out just for you. It includes anime that shine bright with all the aforesaid features as well as their own special ingredients which should keep you enthralled for hours on end.

1 – Berserk:


The protagonist in the spotlight here is a brave young warrior who goes by the name Guts. He calls himself ‘The Black Swordsman’ and is known to be a skilled fighter. As fate would have it, he crosses paths with an ambitious and intelligent individual named Griffith who’s the leader of the ‘Band of the Hawk.’

This rouge group comprises of charismatic mercenaries, each possessing his or her individual skills that prove useful while fending off the bad guys. Guts joins this troupe and together, they make their way to the royal court.

2 – Blood+:


There’s more blood-splattering fun to be had with this particular entrant in our anime similar to Claymore roster. The storyline focuses on 2 mighty factions known as the Chiroptera and Red Shield. Now the former group thrives in this world by feeding on the blood of living beings. The members of this clan can also take on the guise of a human.

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Coming to the Red Shield, the individuals involved in this organization strive to suppress the Chiroptera. Besides other interesting characters, you’ll also be introduced to a high school girl named Saya Otonashi who happens to remember only the events that transpired a year back. Anything prior to that is a complete blur to her.

3 – Elfen Lied:

Elfen Lied

Girl power continues with the femme fatale known as Lucy. What’s so special about her you might wonder? Well, she belongs to the mutated homo sapien race called The Diclonius, a dangerous group that possesses telekinetic abilities. And since this kind harbors such a destructive nature, the government has captured the like and placed them in laboratories.

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As the plot reveals, Lucy manages to escape her confines and leaves a wake of destruction behind. And although her efforts were successful, she somehow gets injured and loses her memory in the process. A kind family happens to find her and accepts her into their home. However, they are oblivious to her dormant demonic nature. Get ready to be served a virtual dish that comprises of action, drama, horror, violence and lots of bloodshed.

4 – Trinity Blood:

Trinity Blood

If the blood and gore aspects of the anime in question caught your attention, then you’ll surely want to procure this inclusion in our Claymore alternatives array. We have a large helping of vampire madness for you right here. The storyline revolves around a powerful traveling priest called Peter Abel Nightroad who roams the vast stretches of the world representing the Vatican.

This fearless individual is also an integral member of a special operation organization known simply as ‘Ax’ which is controlled by Cardinal Catherina. During his dangerous escapades, he comes across a young girl named Esther who decides to go with him and train at the Vatican.

5 – Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit:


The main character once again is a strong-willed girl who’s a wandering warrior, bodyguard, and skilled spearwoman. Going by the name Balsa, she has vowed to save 8 lives in order to atone for her past. Her journeys lead her to Prince Chagum and she eventually becomes his protector. Now the royal heir has the power to ward off drought and breathe new life into his empire.

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However, he has been condemned and accused of being possessed by an evil spirit. And the price he must pay is death by the hands of his own father. Watch as Balsa takes on the entire empire in order to save the prince’s life at any cost.

6 – Hellsing:


Those of you who simply love to immerse in vampire-related action will definitely be familiar with this particular contender in our anime similar to Claymore. And where there’s the blood-sucking sort, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be lots of gore involved. The title used here is actually the name of the secret organization that fends off evil supernatural threats and has kept mankind safe from all things ghoulish for years now.

One of the most valued members of the team is an enigmatic vampire known as Alucard. The other individuals who also strive to keep the meanies off the street include the likes of Integra Wingates’ mysterious butler and a new vampire minion named Seras Victoria.

7 – Corpse Princess:

Corpse Princess

While viewing Corpse Princess, you can expect to be bombarded with oodles of action, horror, and supernatural elements. The gun-toting girl called Makina Hoshimura is a Shikabane Hime. She has been transformed into a living corpse who seeks to take revenge on the undead faction who killed her and her entire family.

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She’s not alone in this endeavor as she’s assisted by her priest and friend, Keisei Tagami. What’s more, the only way she can now go to heaven is by annihilating 108 Shikabane. And in order to do so, she relies on her trusty twin Mac-11 machine guns.


The anime like Claymore listed right here are a mix of everything you appreciated in the series in question. They also brought their own spice to the table with their interesting themes and spectacular characters. So if you’re done watching the escapades of the young silver-eyed woman called Clare, then we suggest you head straight to these formidable mentions. Did a few particular anime catch your eye while you read through the options? Well, don’t hesitate to leave your comments in the box situated just below.