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7 Anime Like Clannad

Animes Like Clannad

The 7 anime like Clannad will certainly strike a chord with viewers who are looking for alternatives that feature drama, romance and a little bit of comedy as well. Besides the heap of action, adventure and fantasy titles like Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Soul Eater, Dragon Ball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho, there are also other anime options that deal with the lighter side of life. So after catering to action enthusiasts with Naruto, Bleach, InuYasha and Fairy Tail alternatives, here are some Clannad substitutes.

1 – Ef: A Tale Of Memories:

Ef A Tale Of Memories

Ef: A Tale Of Memories tells the story of a bunch of youngsters and their brush with romance. If you like storylines that involve love triangles, then we highly recommend you watch this one. Hiro Hirono comes in contact with a girl called Miyako Miyamura who incidentally goes to his school. However, due to their increasing intimacy level, his childhood friend Kei Shindō also vies for his attention.

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As this scenario plays out, a boy called Renji Asō also meets the lass, Chihiro Shindō who has a certain type of amnesia in which she can remember things for only 13 hours at a stretch. Asō then helps Chihiro fulfill her dream which is to write a novel. Some of the genres that are covered in Ef include romance, psychological and drama.

2 – Toradora!


The name Toradora! is formulated by taking into consideration the names of the 2 main characters, Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, which indirectly translates into dragon and tiger, respectively. Takasu has a gentle personality but his frightful appearance often keeps others at bay. Taiga, on the other hand, harbors a brutal personality although she portrays a petite look.

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Now, Ryuji and Taiga secretly have respective crushes on Minori Kushieda and Ryuji’s best friend, Yusaku Kitamura. The duo agrees to join forces and help each other get what they want. A monolithic romantic comedy series is what you can expect when you watch this particular entrant in our anime similar to Clannad roster.

3 – Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora:


Subtitled ‘looking up at the half-moon,’ Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora is an anime that incorporates elements like romance, drama, and tragedy. It’s a heartwarming story of 17-year-old Yuichi and Rika who have both been admitted to the hospital that’s located in the former’s hometown. Yuichi has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A and Rika has complications due to a weak heart valve.

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The young girl Rika is deemed to be very selfish but beautiful, a trait that actually attracted Yuichi to her. As time goes by and they draw closer to each other, Rika reveals that she acts that way because she doesn’t have long to live. Watch as the captivating story unfurls in Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora.

4 – True Tears:

True Tears

More drama and romance ensue in our Clannad alternatives array with a series called True Tears. High school and love triangle themes have also been employed in this exciting title. Hiromi is a sweet schoolgirl who is much liked by all her friends as well as teachers and can always be seen sporting a wide smile on her face.

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After the death of her parents, Shinichiro’s family takes her into their home. And although she portrays a happy visage all the time, Shinichiro knows that she harbors great sorrows within. He is blessed with an artistic tendency and makes watercolors of her, and hopes to ease her inner pain. Some of the other characters you’ll encounter here include Nobuse and Noe.

5 – Itazura Na Kiss:

Itazura na Kiss

The romantic comedy story featured in Itazura Na Kiss involves a high school girl called Kotoko who confesses her love for a fellow senior, Naoki. He is addressed as ‘super-ikemen’ or handsome male and is good at both, sports and studies. Now ever since their first day at school, Kotoko has secretly admired him from a distance.

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But, when she tells him how she feels, Naoki rejects her in a heartbeat. However, as fate would have it, mild earthquake tears down Kotoko‘s family house and she is forced to stay at her father’s childhood friend’s house. And to her luck, the friend’s son is Naoki.

6 – Da Capo:

Da Capo

The next inclusion in our anime similar to Clannad lineup also has speckles of supernatural elements thrown into the amalgamation as well as oodles of romance and drama. The story revolves around Junichi Asakura, who resides on the crescent-shaped island of Hatsune Jima along with his sister, Nemu. What’s more, all the inhabitants have been blessed with fantastic powers.

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Junichi can see other individual’s dreams and can even magically create sweets. One day, Sakura Yoshino returns from America to rekindle their childhood promise. According to the creator of Da Capo, this title tells a tale of magic, unattainable dreams, and hidden desires.

7 – Lovely Complex:

Lovely Complex

Just as the name suggests, Lovely Complex is packed with a comical yet romantic storyline that follows the escapades of Risa Koizumi, the tallest girl in the class and Atsushi Ôtani who is on the shorter side when pitted against other guys his age. They share a love-hate relationship that’s become famous throughout the entire school. Their friendship is made up of similar likes, loads of jokes about their height and even shouting at each other from time to time.

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Amidst all the fun and frolic, Risa finds herself slowly falling for Atsushi but is afraid to tell him as he might not reciprocate her feelings. Nonetheless, she is determined to show him how much she cares about him and goes about it in her own unconventional way, making herself as well as everyone else crazy along the way. Get entangled in a series that’s packed to the hilt with romance, drama, and comedy.


The anime called Clannad deals with the high school life trickles of laughter and mushy moments that are bound to bring a tear to your eye while watching the splendid characters portray their roles to the tee. Similarly, the 7 animes like Clannad are infused with all these elements as well as a few unique bits of their own. And if you love the storyline and humor featured in Clannad then these options are a definite must-watch. Do return to this space and leave your thoughts about your favorites in the space below.