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Angry Birds Rio HD Review

Angry Birds Rio HD

Whether its Aladdin’s partner Iago being notorious for his sarcastic wit and schemes, Walter Lantz Studios’ cheeky, obnoxious and funny Woody Woodpecker, the helpful Zazu from the Lion King, or the all time favorite hilariously innovative, trouble-maker Daffy Duck, we’ve always been treated to animals or birds who can talk and give us an insight into their strange yet gripping world. However, Rovio Mobile’s idea of plopping down the world of talking, angry birds into users’ mobile devices was unusual enough to make gaming enthusiasts crazy.

And, as someone said ‘cartoons keep you young,’ we didn’t mind dousing and picking up the latest fad ‘Angry Birds Rio HD’ to guess what it really takes to build a castle of such addiction. Leaf through our captivating, fun-filled journey of freeing caged birds and how the adorable union of Blu and Jewel from the flick couldn’t be overlooked by us. Here’s our inclusive experience with Angry Birds Rio HD for iPad.

Angry Birds Rio Game

Designed and developed by Rovio Mobile, the enthralling Angry Birds plunge with a very innovative, interesting plot of releasing birds at structures with enemies in them, cracking a nut at blotting out all the foes. Definitely, the whole task has points to be rewarded depending upon the launcher’s performance level, don’t point the finger at birds there. The game’s narrative circles around flights that liberate caged birds in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Under ‘what’s needed,’ gamers are solely required to benefit from their iPad’s responsive touchscreen for swipe and tap controls. Bringing judgment into play, one needs to determine the right force and angle in order to rescue birds for maximum points through each and every level. The macaws and Rio also blow their own trumpet for possessing some special powers and adding even more excitement to the title.

Angry Birds Rio HD App

Coming to the background music, the Rio HD keeps you literally hooked for hours and easily pulls off in providing a real feel of some hustling, active jungle. The loud applause on freeing the caged birds successfully tickles pink, while tease of irksome monkeys in the ‘Jungle Escape’ on failing the same fret minimally. The background music has been designed to make the game pure fun. While Rio HD comprises 60 levels, four updates are anticipated in the level selection menu.

The game’s intensity certainly varies as the gamer prances through freeing random birds from cages in the ‘Smugglers’ Den’ levels and then taking out strategically placed marmosets in the ‘Jungle Escape’ levels. The factor visual graphics that somewhat makes it or breaks it is phenomenally awesome and clear. Embedded with entrancing graphics, the game renders surpassingly colorful and vibrant reproduction. The whole journey of two episodes, each with 30 vivid levels, enclosed along with several achievements, special hidden fruits and the final battle aggrandize the overall game-play.

Angry Birds Rio HD iPad

Enshrouded in a relaxed atmosphere with fetching graphics and soothing music of nature and birds, the irresistible Angry Birds Rio HD for iPad gets a straight nod for gamers. With a multitude reasons to admire, the title is a sure delight for people who love nature and birds’ furious, cute expressions. We’d happily assign it a rating of 9 out of 10. The Rio HD stitches a price tag of just $2.99 for taking you on an immersive, target-oriented ride.