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7 Android Video Editing Apps

Best Android Video Editing Apps

An Android video editing apps list may come to your rescue for personalizing mobile clips so that you can share them with the world. You can trim, grab, add effects and do a lot more with these options, while on the move. Each candidate in this roundup is touted to have its own unique set of features. So read through the detailed summary and pick out the one that you think may prove to be a neat choice.

1. Clesh video editor

Clesh Video Editor

If you constantly take to editing on your own Android device, then you may want to consider the popular Clesh video editor. This cloud video editor arrives with the claim of delivering full editing functionalities for you to enhance all those recorded precious memories. Plus, you can directly publish your work on YouTube as well as Facebook at resolutions of up to 1080p. Learn tricks and pick up tips by means of online hints and in-app chats. Since this is a cross-platform offering, you can easily move between the app on your Android device and the PC web browser. You can further indulge in timeline or storyboard editing among other additional features.

2. VidTrim Pro – Video Editor

VidTrim Pro Video Editor

VidTrim Pro – Video Editor is again one of the most sought after video editing apps on Google Play. As you may have gathered from the title, it allows you to easily trim videos. Additionally, you can even compress video files and instantly share the output with family and friends. Trimming original clips straight on your Android gadget happens to be its key attribute, while it also gives you the liberty to grab frames and save them as images.

As mentioned earlier, this ad-free version does allow you to transcode video clips to save space on your mobile device. So go ahead and utilize this app to chop video clips and retain the best parts, making them all the more fun to watch.

3. Videocam illusion

Videocam Illusion

The Videocam illusion app not only facilitates adding effects but also lets you do so in real time, that is while you are shooting videos. It gives you the option to add filters and masks besides the effects, for an improved look and feel. The more frequently used combinations of filters, effects and the likes can be saved and employed while recording. These amalgamations can also be changed at any given time.

In this free version, you will have access to over 6 filters, 4 masks and 5 effects as well as the choice to directly upload your work on various platforms. Although not a post-editing app in the real sense of the term since everything needs to be applied in real time, it still probably is a must-have for anyone who loves to add a dash of creativity into digital content.

4. V-Cut Express

V Cut Express

Another software option added to our video editing apps roster that retains the best portions of videos and lets you chop away the unwanted aspects is V Cut Express. You probably know the drill; a video has to be selected from the gallery or a new one can be recording for instant alterations. After doing this, you can set ‘start’ and ‘end’ points with the scissor tool located within the app. The result can be saved, while the original file can be kept or discarded. The offering allows recording of video-only or voice-only files as well. In case you want to check the application before making the purchase, you can always opt for the free trial version on Google Play.

5. AndroVid Video Trimmer

AndroVid Video Trimmer

If there is one option that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, it may probably be the AndroVid Video Trimmer application that comes with features galore. Apart from trimming videos, it also includes choices such as splitting a single clip into two, grabbing video frames to be saved as images and more. Additionally, it converts videos to MP3 audio files, organizes clips and even gives you the liberty to upload them on Facebook, YouTube and other portals. Video frames can be directly set as wallpaper amongst other onboard options. And yes, you won’t have to pay a dime to get your hands on this offering.

6. Time-Lapse

Time Lapse

Just like most of the video editing apps around, the Time-Lapse offering also comes with its own distinct attribute, which many editors may want to exploit. And we are aware that we don’t have to spell it out for you, since the title itself seems quite self-explanatory. You can indulge in taking beautiful time lapse videos at resolutions ranging from 176 x 144p to 2048 x 1536p. The app directly saves clips as .mov files and delivers a playback rate of up to 30fps. Just in case you feel like showing off your creativity, it allows you to upload your work on YouTube.

7. Snip Video Trimmer

Snip Video Trimmer

So you are looking for another option to cut down the length of your videos? Well, you can turn to our next candidate dubbed as Snip Video Trimmer for video editing on the fly. Besides managing videos by renaming or deleting them, viewing information as well as simply shortening the clips can be done directly via the app. Short and crisp videos can be sent across to family and friends or easily uploaded on the web and put to use in other video ringtone apps. This simple software doesn’t seem to have many fancy additions besides directly sending across clips to your kith and kin.

So which of these Android video editing apps are you planning to install on your device? Drop in a comment to tell us if we’ve listed any of your favorites or missed the mark with some of your preferred options.