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7 Android Travel Apps

Android Travel Apps

Android travel apps enable you to tour the world without too many woes and worries. Some of the important objects that you’re going to need on your next trip abroad are your passport, money or traveler’s checks and your handy Android-powered smartphone or tablet PC. But don’t forget to load your device with some of these essential applications which should make your mobile gadget your best travel buddy during those overseas adventures.

1 – Wikitude World Browser:

Wikitude World Browser

The Wikitude World Browser app enables you to see your surroundings in a whole new light. Be it local or foreign, you can explore the various opportunities that lie within your vicinity by simply employing the camera on your device. You will be able to perceive different places, events, points of interest and other similar AR content strewn around you via your handset’s screen.

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So if you’re running low on cash and need to make a quick withdrawal, let Wikitude show you where the nearest ATM is located. All you need to do is manually type in what you want to find and hold up your gadget. The software will then point out the places closest to you. This also comes in handy for finding out the nearest pubs, cafes, restaurants and accommodations.

2 – TripIt – Travel Organizer:

TripIt Travel Organizer

Traveling to alien countries can be an exciting experience. But there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration before embarking on your escapades. Searching for those last minute confirmation details via email or other such data at the eleventh hour can be quite stressful indeed. To avoid such a situation, we have included the TripIt – Travel Organizer application on our list.

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What’s so special about this software, you might ask. Well, it lays out all your important trip details on a single itinerary so you don’t have to run helter-skelter at the last moment. This travel schedule can then be shared with family and friends for keeping them informed about your program and precise dates. Social butterflies can even share their whereabouts with others via LinkedIn and Facebook.

3 – Expensify – Expense Reports:

Expensify Expense Reports

While on your voyages, keeping track of all your expenses can be a daunting task. Here to help ease your worry a little is the Expensify – Expense Reports app. With this software accommodated in your Android-powered device, you will be able to log purchases, scan receipts and type in the expenditures with just a few taps. Bank accounts, credit cards and eReceipts can be used to track purchases on the fly.

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And if you’ve picked up something and paid for it in cash, simply punch in the figures directly through your handset or tablet PC. Furthermore, you can scan receipts by using your gadget and once this is done, the app will extract the merchant, amount and date of transaction. Nifty little application, isn’t it?

4 – Google Maps:

Google Maps

The Google Maps app makes its paper and cardboard counterparts seem so passé, what with its built-in interactive features and tons of user-friendly attributes attracting more tech enthusiasts each day. Touted to be an ideal partner when zooming to your next hotspot vacation, it will aid you in finding accurate directions to your destination or even satisfy the hunger pangs by pointing out nearby eateries.

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This entrant on our lineup also includes voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, live traffic information, Google Maps Street view and detailed maps complete with 3D buildings. Besides just listing outdoor directions, the application also provides indoor maps for certain hotels, airports and retail stores. Now can your primitive paper map do all that?

5 – Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search:

Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search

When you think of taking a vacation to a new destination, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? For many, it most definitely is the flight and hotel booking details. Aiding you in this endeavor is the Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search. Instead of simply laying out the cheapest flights first, it pays more attention to the ‘agony’ factor of things. In this case, it will show you how many stopovers you’ll have to face and how long you’ll be traveling. Hotel results are also portrayed neatly on the map alongside other interests like landmarks, restaurants and nightlife hotspots. This eliminates the need to approach locals to ask them for directions.

6 – Trip Journal:

Trip Journal

Travel aficionados generally love jotting down all their adventures especially while touring foreign lands. Not so long ago, these accounts may have been written on a daily basis and even accompanied by photos. With the technology age now upon us, why should we continue to rely on carrying around additional baggage? Your camera, notebook, writing material and more can all be found packed within your portable handset or tablet.

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The Trip Journal application is a great addition to our roster as it does all this and then some more. You can record your trip and the places you’ve visited through GPS route tracking and manual or automatic positioning. Photos and videos can be etched with geo-tagging for a more detailed account of your whereabouts. And by exploiting the Google Earth integration, your loved ones can view the course you’ve embarked on as well as videos, pictures, distance and time.

7 – Google Translate:

Google Translate

Communicating with the indigenous population is an integral part of any holiday trip abroad. You needn’t be a linguist to enjoy your foreign escapades. All you require is the Google Translate app. It has the ability to translate text for over 60 languages, most of which can even be acquired in the spoken audio form so that you do not mispronounce any of the words.

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Some of the languages that are covered by the software include Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Haitian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Irish, Finnish, Thai and many more. So the next time you’re in Paris, do look up the word ‘Escargot’ before ordering it at the waiter’s suggestion.


So when you’re on the road, don’t forget to tag along some of the aforementioned Android travel apps. You can also leave a comment or two about your favorite ones that came to your aid while vacationing overseas.