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8 Best Android Tablet Apps

Best Android Tablet Apps

Our list of the 8 best Android tablet apps comprises of various innovative solutions that are all set to enhance your slate experience either while on the go or simply lazing around at home. Whether you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia Tab, HTC Flyer, Motorola Xoom or LG Optimus Pad, the array we have chalked out for you spans across various subjects that would certainly appeal to different taste-buds.

1 – Kindle:

Option 1

Whether it’s traveling by train or bus, you can always find avid readers with their noses buried deep into books. But of late, paperbacks and other forms of reading material seem to have taken a backseat, with electronic reading solutions seated firmly in the cockpit. Our first candidate enables you to clearly view all your desired books as well as access the pages with simple, swift finger swipes across the surface of the device. There is also a plethora of offerings that can be picked up from the Kindle Store, ranging from best sellers to periodicals as well as some freebies too.

2 – Google Currents:

Option 2

Our next contender is noted to bring quick and beautiful magazine-like editions to your slab and it enables you to enjoy content even while offline. Various companies have fashioned loads of editions that truly exploit the attributes of the slate by rolling out content in the form of videos, articles, slideshows, social streams and live maps.

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By utilizing Google search technology, Currents forms a set of editions every hour, tracking the five recent trending stories that include topics based on sports, science, entertainment and the world, among others.

3 – SwiftKey Tablet X Keyboard:

Option 3

The SwiftKey creation enters next in our list of Android tablet apps as it claims to offer a split key layout and precise prediction. Touted to be the smartest slate keyboard on the Android platform, users can easily thumb-type their thoughts directly onto their devices, without letting a word slip by that easily.

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Furthermore, you can acquire a personalized typing experience with inputs from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and blogs. There are four high quality HD themes to take advantage of, such as light, dark, neon and pumpkin.

4 – Dropbox:

Option 4

With the next application sitting neatly in your Android gadget, you can easily take all your pictures, videos and docs anywhere. This comes in quite handy while sharing content with friends and family through just a few touches, after porting the desired data to your Dropbox option.

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Important email attachments can be saved in the cloud locker which allows you to easily edit docs directly from there. And if you accidentally misplace your slate, you need not worry, as all the content is safely tucked away in Dropbox.

5 – TweetComb:

Option 5

Twitter client TweetComb, is fashioned exclusively for the Android Honeycomb platform. Through this software, you can seamlessly view your timeline, direct messages and mentions among others with a trio of distinct fragments. Other features include background updates, configurable notifications alert, Bit.ly support and TwitLonger support for tweets that exceed 140 characters. A Search tab further aids you in effectively finding what you’re looking for by punching in the desired keyword, hash tag or screen name.

6 – Antivirus Free:

Option 6

You can pack your Android device with a whole lot of interesting goodies. But without any protection, your slate is susceptible to viruses, spyware, and malware. To avoid such risks, we recommend you install proper security and what better way to do so than by downloading the Antivirus Free app from AVG Mobilation? This next offering in our roster of Android tablet apps automatically detects harmful SMS messages and apps. Even bookmarks, contacts and text messages are kept safe and secure with the security solution firmly in place. According to user preference, a scan can be run daily, weekly or even on demand.

7 – Kid Mode: Kids Games + Videos:

Option 7

There are a lot of apps strewn across the virtual marketplace that would cater perfectly to all your needs and requirements. But for those who specifically have a hard time satisfying the tantrums thrown by tiny tots, we are sure your device memory could spare a little space for a few selected ones that would definitely tug at the heartstrings of children. The Kid Mode: Kids Games + Videos is one such software that brings forth fun and educational games for toddlers aged 8 and below. Games similar to Cut the Rope or Angry Birds can be safely set in one particular place, while the Child Lock feature ensures that they stay within the confines of the Kid Mode. Other attributes include an art studio, illustrated storybooks, weekly activity mails and powerful parenting controls.

8 – Angry Birds:

Option 8

The last option to feature in our lineup of Android tablet apps is the popular game, Angry Birds. Playing the engaging title on a smartphone may undoubtedly be fun, but it’s a different experience altogether when you’re called upon to hurl around emotionally aggravated birds on a slab. Players are guaranteed to have loads of fun as they traverse through 300 levels here.

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These stages require you to put on your thinking cap and a wide smile as you toss the irked avian creatures at the greedy pigs’ fortresses. You can also take advantage of Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons to further indulge in some feathery fun.

The various options in our roster of the best Android tablet apps certainly have the engaging ability to keep your fingers busy, be it for business or pleasure. Why don’t you tell us which of the aforementioned apps take up space on your slate?