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10 Android Sports Games

Android Sports Games

The Android sports games listed below should help you keep your sporting spirit alive, even if you cannot find the time to play them for real. The Google Play Store is loaded with numerous titles that are the virtual replicas of the original ones. We’ve tried to add most of the popular games that you may like. So have a look at the list and decide if you like the idea of enjoying these titles on your handheld device.

1 – Basketball Shoot:

Basketball Shoot

Simple yet addictive, Basketball Shoot is a physics-based game that lets you enjoy basketball anytime, anywhere. You get a limited number of balls which you need to use in order to make your high score, and your fingers are all that you require for playing your shot.

It even lets you adjust the power and angle at which you wish to shoot the ball by dragging your finger through the dotted line. The application boasts of extremely easy controls and comes with rooftop, beach and airport backgrounds – 11 in total.

Price: Free

2 – Soccer Kicks:

Soccer Kicks

The next app on our compilation of sports games is for you if you are a soccer fan. Whether you want to polish your free-kick skills or simply enjoy the game, this application can come to your rescue. Known for its control and accuracy, it offers three modes – target, timed and practice. And if you do not like the idea of playing soccer alone, invite a friend over and enjoy the game in its two-player mode. The intuitive application with 3D visuals, understands gestures like flick and swipe too.

Price: Free

3 – Virtual Table Tennis 3D:

Virtual Table Tennis

This application promises to bring fast paced table tennis action right to your phone’s touchscreen. Tweaked with OpenGL 3D graphics for an immersive experience, Virtual Table Tennis 3D allows you to play side-spin shots and smashing serves, just like you would on a real TT table.

This simulation title for your phone boasts of intuitive touch controls and vibration force feedback. With over 30 levels and 3 difficulty settings, you are not likely to get bored of it quickly. Its ad-free pro version is also available in the Play store.

Price: Free

4 – Flick Golf!:

Flick Golf

If the developers of this game are to be believed, the application in question is the most addictive golf game to have hit the Google Play store. Flick Golf neither requires you to join a club nor follow rules whatsoever. But you’ll have to continue to be careful of obstacles like trees, sand traps and bunkers.

It now features new courses, medals and a Quickshot mode, and it lets you make a shot using the spin control. Its 3D environments make for a realistic feel and the varying wind speeds force you into strategizing each and every one of your shots.

Price: $0.99

5 – Rugby Kicks:

Rugby Kicks

Rugby Kicks featuring on our queue of sports games permits you to become a Rugby legend, albeit a virtual one. It works just like its real counterpart and lets you have a signature look so that you stand out in the crowd. You have to make a mark and graduate from the Sunday team to achieve Legend status. You can even hire a coach to assist you with this task.

It comes with multiple modes and Openfeint support to track your achievements. Moreover, the it’s motion-captured animations and 3D graphics are the cherry on top of the cake.

Price: Free

6 – Virtua Tennis Challenge:

Virtua Tennis Challenge

The mobile version of the famous title from Sega permits you to take on about 50 players in 18 different stadiums. It’s various touch gestures can be used for different shots such as top spins, slices, lobs and drops. You can choose the ones that go well with your style.

Virtua Tennis Challenge features both singles and doubles challenges and allows you the option of clay, grass, hard or indoor court environments. And that’s not all. You can earn money by winning tournaments and even challenge a friend for a face-to-face tennis game over Bluetooth.

Price: $4.99

7 – Mike V: Skateboard Party:

Mike V

Apparently the only 3D skateboarding game, this application has also been optimized for the Xperia Play. You can customize your look and upgrade your skater by completing over 25 achievements in order to gain experience as well as unlock locations and items.

Apart from offering a platform to practice and improve your skateboarding skills, Mike V: Skateboard Party makes for a great way to learn this sport using more than 40 tricks and their combinations, accessible through tutorials. This HD version is compatible with tablets and smartphones too.

Price: $1.99

8 – Stick Cricket:

Stick Cricket

You can gauge the popularity of the next application on our lineup of sports games by the fact that it has already been played over a billion times. If you perfect the art of shot selection at the right time, you can get pretty efficient at Stick Cricket and even hit a six on every ball.

Here you get to choose your own team and play against some of the best bowlers from the cricketing world. It features Stick Cricket Academy where you can work on your batting, and comes with 6 exclusive achievements as well.

Price: Free

9 – 9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball:

9 Innings

The application in question is officially licensed with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and thus has access to pictures of actual players, statistics and data when it comes to gameplay. This realistic simulation app makes use of an advanced engine and features smooth motion and graphics, much like all other contenders listed here.

You can either go through hundreds of challenges in order to earn points and rewards, or enjoy quick gameplay through the autoplay mode that supports only attack and defense. 9 Innings Baseball comes with tutorials too.

Price: Free

10 – 3D Badminton:

3D Badminton

And the final addition to our roster that is taking iTunes by storm is meant for all you badminton fans. 3D Badminton promises a fun and authentic gaming experience, thanks to its 3D graphics and first person perspective.

Your finger plays the role of your racket and all you need to do is cast a flick on the screen to make a shot. The direction of your finger determines the shot. So an upward flick is for a spike, whereas a downward flick can be used to execute a smash.

Price: Free


So you will not have to wait on your friends in order to play your favorite titles any more. You can enjoy them just about anywhere you want. Do you like the idea of enjoying Android sports games on your handheld device? If yes, then tell us which one of these is your favorite title. And if we’ve missed out on anything that you like, feel free to drop its name in the comment box below.