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Best Android Security Apps

Best Android Security Apps

The best Android security apps are all set to safeguard your device from the likes of theft, viruses and loss of vital information. The list basically covers nearly everything that makes up the nightmares of all you techies out there who hug your handset at night. Your mobile phone is somewhat like a treasure box that houses contacts, data, pictures, videos, music and a lot more you may hold dear. But when larceny takes place, your personal property suddenly becomes someone else’s. To avoid such a situation, we urge you to employ some of the following offerings.

1 – Lookout Security & Antivirus:

Lookout Security

Lookout Security & Antivirus has a few tricks up its sleeve which are fashioned to keep your handset secure from all things bad. Putting its hand into quite a few essential categories, the app firstly provides an antivirus that is able to block spyware, Trojans and malware as well as scan every app individually to ensure they sit safely in the device.

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The software also pinpoints the exact location of your phone on a Google Map, in the event of getting lost or stolen. This is possible even if GPS is switched off. To take further precaution, you can activate a loud alarm that will ring out despite your mobile being on silent. Secure backup of contacts can also be carried out via the app.

2 – Bitdefender Mobile Security:

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Next up on our list of Android security apps is Bitdefender Mobile Security. What seems to set the software apart from the rest of the options strewn across our array is the fact that it also aids in saving battery life while performing its other core duties. With this offering standing guard within your phone, you need not run about frequently looking for a charger or electricity source while on the go. It has the ability to scan apps as they install as well as prevent software from taking a glimpse at your private content unnecessarily. If the phone is stolen, owners can remotely lock it by going onto My.Bitdefender.com from any browser. The pickpocket or kind soul who is in possession of the handset, will be alerted with a sound or flashing message. The stored data can altogether be erased to prevent it from being misused.

3 – App Protector Pro (App Lock):

App Protector Pro

The App Protector Pro (App Lock) allows owners to easily lock any application present on the phone and safeguard it from prying eyes. You are provided with two options with which to secure the data, either via pattern or password. By doing this, nosy Neds won’t be able to view your messages, photos, Gmail account, SMS or gallery. You can also lock only certain sensitive apps that you choose to while the others can be easily accessed without hindrance. The app boasts of proffering various features that include automatic and manual locking modes, a widget for quick locking and unlocking, integrated password recovery as well as Locale and Tasker plugins. While this is a paid version, the free one can be acquired by searching for App Protector Lite in the Market.

4 – Seal:


No, the latest entrant in our Android security apps lineup isn’t an adorable marine animal, nor does it have anything to do with the singer bearing the same name. We are talking about the Seal app that manifests quite a few similarities to the App Protector Pro. Applications can be protected by either employing a unique pattern or password. It includes built-in plugins for Tasker, Locale and EasyProfiles. The developers state that with this app occupying space in your phone, you needn’t worry about private data being exposed when co-workers or children handle your handset. Other attributes extended to users read as security question and answer as well as auto protection features. There is also a Seal Lite version that can be picked up for free.

5 – SplashID Safe for Android:

SplashID Safe for Android

Creeping up next on the array of Android security apps is the SplashID Safe. The particular entrant is noted to be a sensitive data vault that helps secure personal information such as credit cards, email settings, registration codes, web logins, PINs and more by utilizing 256-bit Blowfish encryption. With this offering, owners need not write down their classified data anywhere else besides on their trusty handsets. It further claims to protect users from identity theft, phishing and keyloggers. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, the app enables you to view and edit data from the desktop itself as well as synchronize wirelessly with the Android device. Other noteworthy features include superior security options, customizable field labels and the Dedupe tool as well as backup and restore attributes.

6 – Hide Pics & Vids in Vaulty:

Hide Pics & Vids in Vaulty

The Hide Pics & Vids in Vaulty app is an apt option for cleverly concealing pictures, videos and other such data. It keeps away unwanted attention from curious cats who simply love peering into other people’s phones. The desired information can be ported to the Vault option offered by this app. By doing so, the information is neatly hidden from any other phone wielder except the rightful owner. This user-friendly software comes complete with a tutorial, security question for password recovery, zoom and file renaming. For quick and seamless hiding of files, the app puts forth a special integrated gallery to hasten the process when in a hurry.


Just last month, we penned down the 6 best antivirus apps for Android. This time around, we aid you in choosing the right app or apps that would help in beefing up your security options and keeping the tension at bay. Do let us know which of the above software options in our best Android security apps list helped you breathe a sigh of relief.