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Android Photo Editing Apps: Tools for Taking Stunning Photos Using Your Phone

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Our smartphones are more than just super computers in our pockets. Over the years they have also become professional level cameras in the palms of our hands. Mobile phone editing has grown in a multitude of apps and you can shoot professional level photography from just your smartphone. There are a ton of applications out there on the android platform the assist you with editing your photos. We compiled just a few to show what they can do and how they can assist you on a incredible phone meant for shooting pictures.

Must Have Photo Editing App

Our first set of photo editing software comes from the Bonfire Photo Editor. It is popular editor out there that includes many of the basic features along with other editing tools all on your phone. The great part of this app is the sheer number of filters it comes with and skin smoothing on top of blemish removing editing tools.

There isn’t a photo that couldn’t do without Adobe and it’s vast range of products. Adobe has released on the Android platform both Lightroom and Photoshop Express. These two apps are synced together so that you can also use them on your desktop with Adobe Creative Cloud. They are great applications that can fix things automatically and a major toolset for professional photography of any kind.

Another great editor for those looking to add a little extra is something called Cupslice. It is a photo editor that allows you to add stickers as it keeps up on the latest of trends. It also comes with some basic tool sets.

Advanced Photography in Phones

The majority of smartphones are equipped with better camera processing power with each release. There are some though that stand outside of the bunch and offer much more in the realm of photography. Luckily the Android operating system is privy to such a type of phone.

Sony Xperia has come out with top of the line Sony smartphone camera technology to add to its collection.  More and more consumers are getting phones because of their camera abilities. There are a whole host of chat apps and other features we use cameras for on a daily basis. They have become a way of posting to various social medias and a way to track our lives.

New technologies out there let us capture video as well and with that we want to avoid motion blur and other problems that might occur for most of the amateur smartphone camera users. This phone helps with all of that.

Putting it Together

Having a phone that can take amazing pictures and then paired with a smartphone is a great way to make you self sufficient on just your smartphone and have everything in one neat place.  There are times that you don’t want to transfer photos or deal with exterior hardware and software. Paired with a good phone and editing software, everything can be done in one main location.

Hayden Robinson is a photographer who shoots his ‘main gigs’ using his DSLR with personal moments (when it’s going to take to long to pull out the big camera!) captured on his phone. He writes about photography and technology in his articles.