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7 Best Android Photo Apps

Best Android Photo Apps

Look no further than our list of the 7 best Android photo apps, if you’ve been searching for that one particular application to give an edge to all your pictures. As expected, Google Play does have some pretty good apps under its belt and these are very much on par with those on a certain fruity giant’s App Store. Scroll down to find out for yourself.

1 – PhotoWonder:

Option 1

Our first contender in the Google Play store promises a fun experience of editing pictures on the move. Be it assigning effects like Lomo, BlueTone and aging, enlarging your eyes or smoothing the skin, this application offers a wide gamut of tools to facilitate all of these. Additionally, it lets you paste stickers or frame pictures and make a collage out of the edited images. And once you’re done editing, preview it through the dedicated Review button and share it over social networking websites with friends and family.

2 – PhotoShake:

Option 2

This next one in our list of Android photo apps lets you combine all your best pictures to create new ones out of them. It is inclusive of six cool themes. All it takes to create a picture is the shake gesture or the manual edit button. It is complete with stickers, frames, image filters as well as balloon items to help you tell a story through your pictures.

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This image editing program also lets you save and export pictures to sites such as Picasa, Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more.

3 – PicsArt:

Option 3

This ‘all-in-one’ picture editor claims to be one of the best applications in the Google Play store that effectively combines the features of most applications for snapshots. Equipped with filters, frames, stickers, text effects and clipart graphics amongst others, the tool also lets you carry out basic functions such as cropping, rotating and adjusting colors. This multilingual application comes with magic effects like Stenciler, Sketcher, Cartoonizer, Pencil, Cross Process and more.

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Moreover, it lets you show off your creativity through the draw option which is inclusive of artistic brushes, callouts and draw sticker mode. You can even click pictures through the app’s camera and share it via the SNS.

4 – Photo Enhance:

Option 4

Taking our lineup of Android photo apps a bit further is this fourth application that is apparently the best tool to fix your pics. It is inclusive of handy features to adjust white balance, saturation, brightness and contrast for boosting details. The HDR tone-mapping techniques offer even more detailing options and if you think the picture does not need enhancements at all, simply switch it off or alter the levels to tone it down.

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It takes images directly from the gallery and saves them in web resolutions. And needless to say, you can upload it onto sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter or share it through messages, emails and more.

5 – Color Touch Effects:

Option 5

If you like to play with colors while editing pictures, this one is developed just for you. The application lets you recolor images, turn them gray or sepia and apply other effects including blurring. It boasts of an easy user interface and supports two-finger zoom. The app accommodates importing pictures from the gallery or directly from a Facebook album in order to edit and share them again via the SNS. Its brush and opacity configurations help delivering the desired results. What’s more, the edited pictures can also be given a caption or a title.

6 – TouchRetouch:

Option 6

So you have an awesome picture, but you can’t upload it as the profile picture because of all those unwanted objects cluttering the space around you. Well, all you need to do is download our sixth candidate, select all that you do not want to be displayed in your snap and click ‘Go.’ In a matter of seconds, the picture will be free of all that you do not wish to see, easily and conveniently.

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The intuitive application comes with brush and lasso tools to rid pictures of unwanted objects (and people). And if you’re thinking that you will end up ruining images, then rest assured as the app promises an undistorted final result.

7 – PicSay:

Option 7

The last to feature on our roster of Android photo apps is PicSay that lets you ‘spice up’ your pictures. The easy-to-use application can be customized for finger or thumb operation. Besides basic editing options like color correction, it offers graphics and allows adding titles and word balloons.

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The various effects let you distort, add a spotlight and mark or highlight certain parts of an image. And need we mention that the edited pictures can be readily shared via social networking websites?

So if you want your friends to go ‘wow’ after looking at your pictures on Facebook, put some of these best Android photo apps to use. And once you’re done editing and uploading your images, share your friends’ reactions with us.