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Android N update adds new emoji, launcher shortcuts

Android N Emoji

It’s only been a month since the world got its first glimpse at Android N and Google has already sent out a new update which adds a number of cool new features to the OS. Anyone who’s enrolled in the company’s Android Beta program will be getting it automatically OTA or can opt to download it manually.

Round 2 of the Android N developer preview brings with it a brand-new Vulcan 3D rendering API. This should be music to a heavy gamer’s ears since the feature offers a major boost in performance for graphic-heavy apps. It sports a threading-friendly design which takes advantage of multiple cores to ensure high efficiency.

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Next up are enhanced launcher shortcuts. Unlike regular old Android shortcuts, these will be able to carry a person directly to an action within specific points in an app. For instance, a person could set one for sending a message to their friend, playing the next episode in a TV show for media tools, or to navigate home in a map application.

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This is a pretty nifty function and could make the lives of consumers much easier and faster. Lastly, the Android N update introduces support for Emoji Unicode 9. Google is currently hard at work trying to design more human-looking emoticons which possess a more natural look complete with skin tone variations, moving away from the generic style of its current emojis.

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More emojis are always welcome, so the new selfie, facepalm, juggling and bacon emoticons should be greeted enthusiastically by Android users. Of course, only a restricted amount of people will have access to them right now since the Android N developer preview is limited to the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G.

You can download the updated Android N developer preview here.

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