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Android N screenshots show off new navigation drawer

Android N

Google’s next generation Android N OS might still be a few months away from getting launched, but we may have already gotten our first look at it. A recent post on the brand’s Developers blog appears to contain a pair of screenshots from the upcoming software.

At first glance, the images don’t seem to showcase anything out of the ordinary other than the Day-Night theme. However, a closer look reveals a new hamburger button on the top left of the Bluetooth controls page. The option presumably acts as a side navigation drawer in Android N which will allow users access to a full list of all the settings sections.

Android Police posits that this new hamburger button might eliminate the need to go back the main settings menu every time a person wants to visit another section. It could considerably speed up navigation time for consumers if implemented. The site asserts this option will only be present within sub-sections and not the main settings screen as that would be redundant.

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However, there’s a chance these screenshots are of a developer-only version of Marshmallow which is not meant for mass consumption. Google is probably still working on Android N and it’s possible this hamburger button won’t be present in the final OS. Very little is known about it at this point, although there have been rumors the brand was implementing split-screen multitasking support.

All this and more will probably be announced at the Google I/O 2016 conference. The event is set to take place in its home base of Mountain View, California from May 18 to 20. Based on the firm’s previous history, Android N will then make its debut with the new Nexus handsets coming out later in the year.


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