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7 Best Android Movie apps

Best Android Movie Apps

The 7 best Android movie apps we’ve listed here will make sure you find time to catch up on entertainment through your mobile device, even when you’re in the middle of a particularly busy week. And if watching movies on handheld gadgets is not your type of scene, the Android Market stocks up on applications that will keep you abreast with details ranging from reviews to where the films are playing. Scroll down to find out more.

1 – Netflix:


Need we say anything at all about this video streaming application? Netflix is a popular service for the U.S., Canada and Latin America and its Android version works with devices running on v2.2 or later platforms. This application forms a part of the Netflix unlimited membership. But users who are not members can still avail of its services through a trial version, free of charge.

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With this app in your device, you need not wait for a holiday to catch up on movies or for that matter, TV shows. Additionally, the service lets you continue watching the movie on your phone or tablet from where you left on the computer and vice versa.

2 – Moviefone:


Next in our line-up of Android movie apps is Moviefone which seems like a perfect companion for all you movie buffs out there, as it has the information you might need to plan out a movie outing. This app meant for users in the U.S., not only helps with selecting a movie to watch, but also provides details about where the flick is currently showing. And no, that’s not all – it will also let you book tickets and pin down the location of the theater through maps and directions.

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Its feature list still has a lot more to boast about such as movie reviews, celebrity bios, filmographies and so on. The application is also integrated with Facebook so that you can invite your friends for movies or check its public rating.

3 – Crackle:


One of the choicest Android movie apps, Crackle is another way of entertaining yourself on long commutes. Besides offering access to various full length Hollywood movies as well as TV shows for free, the application lets you stream movies on demand. The free app which happens to be available for the UK, the U.S., Canada and Australia, is updated with as many as 20 new movies and episodes every month.

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And the application caters to a wide number of users with different preferences owing to its range of movies belonging to genres inclusive of action, horror, crime, sci-fi, comedy and more. It supports Wi-Fi, 3G as well as 4G networks and it can also be managed through the official Crackle website.

4 – RunPee:


How many times has it happened that you got a strong urge to pee during a movie and ended up missing out on a crucial scene? Our guess is, quite a few times. If your bladder plays the spoilsport every time you go to the theater, then the RunPee application is developed only for you. It tells you the best time to run to the loo, while its built-in timer alerts you with pee times and how long you need to wait for one.

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Besides a synopsis of the first five minutes of the movie, you can also find out if there is anything worth watching after the end credits. Moreover, the app boasts of integration with Facebook, Twitter and RottenTomatoes.com for critics’ scores for the movie.

5 – IMDb Movies & TV:

IMDb Movies

Next to feature on our roster of Android movie apps is the IMDb Movies & TV app. With IMDb installed in your phone, information about a million movies and over 3.2 million celebrities will be on your fingertips. You can sign in to the application even without an IMDb account through the Facebook profile and rate movies. Browse through ratings, movie trailers, quotes or trivia and look up DVDs or Blu-ray titles by clicking a picture or scanning the barcodes.

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And if you wish to receive notifications regarding your favorite titles click on ‘notify me’ and be the first amongst your friends to know all about the movie. Featuring popular charts for top as well as lowest rated movies, it is available for users across the globe in languages including Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French and Japanese.

6 – Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus

The Hulu Plus application is available for its subscribers on a wide range of Android devices and soon will be rolled out for additional devices. This popular video streaming service lets you enjoy many classic and new movies, as also TV shows. The service remembers where you left off watching a movie on your handheld device and lets you resume watching the movie on a computer, television or Blu-ray player.

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The application supports Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks and prospective users can sign up for a subscription at $7.99 per month.

7 – Movies:


We bring our list of Android movie apps to an end with the Movies application developed by Flixster. Besides finding out what’s latest on DVD and Blu-ray, the app will let you watch previews and box office results. Its archive allows you access to high quality trailers and video clips of more than 15,000 films.

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It can also be connected to a Facebook account to update ratings, while its integration with Movietickets.com and Rotten Tomatoes means you can book tickets and read the reviews before you decide to go to the theater. Along with managing the Netflix queue, you can also browse the app for the nearest theaters and restaurants.

Our list of the best Android movie apps makes sure that you have all the box office related details without having to open a newspaper or bothering to launch a special online search. Do drop us a line to let us know which application knows everything about Hollywood, according to you.