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6 Android Guitar Apps

Best Android Guitar Apps

Our list of Android guitar apps is perfect for musicians who are constantly on the move. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the various software options embedded into our roster will cater perfectly to each of your melodic moods and requirements. All you need to do is equip yourself with an Android-powered smartphone or tablet and take complete advantage of the apps’ awesome features. From guitar tabs and solo notes to chords and scales, the applications mentioned below have them all covered and then some. So take a peek into our array to know just what musical magic is brewing in the vast expanse of the Google Play service.

1 –Solo:


Caught in a surprise jam session without your guitar? Well, no need to fret as you can trust the Solo app to step up and allow you to create sweet sounding melodies through your very own phone. Let the tunes from a classic, acoustic or electric guitar ring throughout the jam room. Even while playing in the confines of your own bedroom, you can strum along to music that’s already loaded onto your mobile. It also doubles as an excellent reference app for when you have an actual guitar on your lap.

There is an extensive chord library with chord diagrams, where you can hear and see how each chord should be played; a feature which would certainly sit well with beginners. Other customization attributes include a capo for suiting your vocal range as well as the ability to play your own chords. According to the developers of Solo, those in possession of the Samsung Galaxy Note will have a ball of a time by combining the app with the device’s special S Pen.

2 – Ultimate Guitar Tabs:

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

You can now port around your very own guitar tablature book wherever you go, thanks to the inclusion of the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app. This latest offering in our guitar apps roster features an intuitive viewer so that you can easily browse through more than 400,000 tabs that comprise of guitar, bass and drum tablatures and chords.

Liked a particular song or artist you just heard on the radio or TV and wanted to belt out the same through your guitar? Well, simply type the name of the artist, band or track into the search option within the application and voila, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. You can even benefit from the advanced search tool for finding tabs by specifying tab type, difficulty level, part of the song, tuning or rating. Other features read as tab packs, auto-scroll, random tab, changeable fonts and UG authorization, among others.

3 – gStrings:


Every guitarist’s Android-powered smartphone should be fitted with a reliable tuner which is bound to come in handy while tweaking your instrument before a big gig. For this very purpose, we suggest you download the gStrings app. Besides just sporting an interesting name, you can expect it to possess many other fine attributes as well.

This chromatic tuner, which has the ability to measure sound pitch and intensity, can be used to tune a wide range of musical instruments. These include guitar, bass, violin, violoncello, viola, wind instruments and more. For those who might be wondering just what delights this software covers, well, they’ll be glad to know that it comes incorporated with a microphone sensitivity setup, variable range nonlinear scale, various temperaments, orchestra tuning and a pitch pipe.

4 – Robotic Guitarist Free:

Robotic Guitarist Free

Question: What concoction would brew into existence when you merge various ingredients like a tuner + guitar emulator + metronome and chord guide? The answer is the Robotic Guitarist Free app. Touted to be useful for both learners and guitar experts, it acts as an electronic pocket-tuner as well as a handy digital metronome. The latter further boasts of incorporating different settings for speed and signatures. The user-friendly interface enables owners to alter their chord selection as well as acquire a diagram that shows the exact finger positions of the desired chord. Variety seems to be the name of the game here as this addition to our guitar apps lineup chimes with sounds of different instruments like acoustic and electric guitar, flute, piano and chorus. These tunes can be either mapped on the whole guitar or assigned to each string. You would surely have a bit of fun with all the mix and match tunes you will be able to acquire with the help of this app.

5 – JamBox Pro Chords & Scales:

JamBox Pro

Ever wanted a formidable chord and scale finder of the portable sort? Well, for all those who were on the lookout for one can certainly pick up the JamBox Pro Chords & Scales app. You have to simply punch in the specific chord and the application will display reliable information and data pertaining to the requested option. This includes handle lengths, fingering, blank and muted strings, the notes contained in the chord and Barrée sizes. Unlike a few other apps strewn across the Google Play service, this particular software calculates the information based on the music-theoretical algorithm.

6 – GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords:

GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords

The GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords app brings more than 500,000 guitar tabs, power tabs, chords, drum tabs and bass tabs right to your fingertips. This next entrant in our guitar apps list is a great add-on to any passionate musician’s phone as it comprises of various commendable features. The large chord dictionary is littered with variations and diagrams as well as an easy search option for zeroing in on a particular song or tune that has been stuck in your head. Through the app, you can further create set lists, transpose songs, exploit the auto-scroll feature and play along with YouTube videos.

Now with these comprehensive Android guitar apps downloaded into your handset or tablet, you can take your music wherever you go. These offerings are great for making merry and even brightening up a dull party room. Why deprive a fan of your music just because you didn’t bring along your guitar? Do let us know which ones struck a chord with you and if we’ve left out any of your favorites.