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Best Android Golf Apps

Best Android Golf Apps

After that long week cooped up at office, some much-needed relaxation is certainly called for and what better way to do so than by teeing off at the golf course? And in order to enhance your ‘clubbing experience on the green course’, we’re jotting down the best Android Golf apps in the Market. With our top list, you are one step closer to becoming the next Tiger Woods and yell ‘fore’ with a heap of confidence.

1 – SkyDroid:

SkyDroid App

The first app in our list is the acclaimed SkyDroid by Paul Goldstein which is noted to be a Golf GPS Rangefinder. The company states that the software is reliable, accurate, user-friendly and elegant as well as infused with its own GPS Range Finder technology. All these features are neatly packed into a beautifully designed app that is fashioned to help lower your scores while engrossed in gameplay.

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GPS distance is provided for every green as well as bunkers and water hazards among others. More features come in the form of shot tracking, mapping of any course online, the satellite view of all courses and the ability to download unlimited courses.

2 – Easy Scorecard:

Easy Scorecard App

Teeing off maybe a piece of cake but effectively keeping score of all your efforts might pose to be a bit more difficult. Easy Scorecard by Mydroidsoft enables golf enthusiasts to seamlessly track scoring for their golf or disc golf rounds. With this new inclusion, they can do away with their golf scorecards made of paper and aid in saving the environment. The app offers scoring for over 4 players, USGA/EGA/CONGU Handicap tracking, Primitive rangefinder using phone’s GPS and Scoring statistics. Furthermore, 9/18/27/custom-holes scoring with 36-hole support for disc golf can also be spied with the handheld download. Packed with Nassau side game and Stableford scoring, the disc golf friendly app features handicap tracking for disc golf.

3 – Golf GPS Range Finder:

Golf GPS Range Finder App

The next perfect addition to the list of Android Golf apps is the accurate Free Golf GPS Range Finder by Swing by Swing. The reliable full-featured GPS rangefinder that shows users distance to green as well as any hurdles spotted along the way. They can even espy a satellite photo of the hole while zooming and panning into parts of the same with the utmost ease. Accurate distance and more than 19,000 courses information embedded in the system can be enjoyed by tech-savvy users. All it needs is a simple touch of the handset screen in order to accurately gauge the distance between you and any point on the hole. An optional Scorecard and Statistics Module upgrade is available for jotting down scores. This helps eliminate the use of pencil and paper while playing golf at the course.

4 – Rules of Golf:

The Rules of Golf App

So you have the perfect winning position, the right swing, lucky four-leaf clover and rabbit’s foot in the pocket and of course your trusted caddie by your side, but all these elements may not be enough to land at the victorious end. For aiding these players, the United States Golf Association has revealed a new app entitled The Rules of Golf. This offering is looked upon as the official Android application for the 2010-11 editions of ‘The Rules of Golf’, ‘Rules of Amateur Status’ and ‘Decisions on The Rules of Golf’. It gives avid sportsman easy and instant access to all the official rules.

5 – Golfshot: Golf GPS:

Golfshot Golf GPS App

Golfshot: Golf GPS by Shotzoom Software forays into our Android Golf apps proffering more than 35,000 professionally mapped courses, automatic statistics and aerial view. What makes it more interesting is that you can acquire all these goodies without any subscription necessity.

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This software beams into the device complete with Handicap calculator, ability to track distances and keep score for foursome – PGA Tour quality stats. Other noteworthy attributes come in the form of scrambling, putting, fairways percentage, sand saves, scoring averages and GIR.

6 – Maps Ruler 2 Pro:

Maps Ruler 2 Pro App

Confused on the course? Dumbfounded on distance? Then we suggest the Maps Ruler 2 Pro fashioned by MobileRise. This inclusion in our Android Golf apps compilation aids golf players in calculating the distance between selected points and finding the shortest way all the while saving up on energy. The app can also be utilized as a golf distance yard calculator. In the Pro version, mobile phone users can expect continuous path calculations such as drawing as well as multiple points and path save or load. The various conversion options range from mile, fathom, meter, km, feet and more. As the company suggests, an enhanced golfing experience can be further anticipated with the employment of high-resolution icons and stunning visuals.

So grab your clubs, get your caddie along, hop into a buggy and head off to the golf course armed with more than just physical equipment as the above best Android Golf apps could help you reach the PGA Tour. Tee time is almost here. Tiger Woods, watch out!