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Google Android Device Manager helps you locate your lost phone

With Android Device Manager, Google has come up with a way to help Android users locate their respective gadgets in case they are lost or stolen. It looks like the search engine giant has taken far too long to introduce a utility like this as rivals like Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry already have similar applications. But as they say, better late than never.

One of the very common ways of locating a device when it is lost is simply by calling on it, but what would you do if it was on the silent mode? Well, you can go on the internet, log into your Google account and make your phone ring at the maximum volume. The upcoming utility will also come in handy for figuring out the exact location of the gadget. This feature can prove to be of advantage at times when users forget where they left their phones or if it has been stolen.

Android Device Manager

The benefits of the application are not limited to revealing the location of the device, it is also said to be helpful with the task of ensuring that the data stored on the phone is safe. In order to avoid unauthorized access to personal and sensitive information, the search engine giant has added an attribute that lets you wipe off the content remotely. This can be done via your Google account over the internet.

Android Device Manager will be released as an application in the Google Play store before the end of this month. It is compatible with all Android-powered smartphones and tablets running version 2.2 or later. It looks like there will also be an accompanying website to complete the service.


Apple users can download Find My Phone to easily locate their iPhones, while WP8 customers can log into their Live accounts for ringing or locking their gadgets or even erasing the data on it. And the BlackBerry Protect application assists BB owners if they lose their phones.