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Android Device Manager goes live, mobile app still missing

Google has powered on its Android Device Manager website, allowing all users with Jelly Bean 4.2 and higher to remotely locate their smartphones and tablets as well as wipe all data if lost or stolen. The feature was announced last week through the official Android blog and is slated to arrive in the form of an application which will be available for download via the Play store.

The primary features of Android Device Manager are that it can activate the ringer at full volume even if silent mode in enabled, and users will be able to trace their gadgets on a map in real time. And if you’ve given up hope on recovering the device, the service also permits remotely erasing data. For this to work, the Factor Reset option needs to be enabled within Google Settings. What’s worth mentioning is that Google isn’t the first to roll out such a tool. Competitors like Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry have already been offering similar services and various OEMs that have adopted the Android platform, have designed their own tools as well.

Android Device Manager

Sony recently announced that the my Xperia remote security service is available globally. Through this, 2012 and 13 Xperia owners will be able to locate their phones, sound an alarm which overrides silent mode, lock the device to prevent private content from falling in the wrong hands and even wipe the internal as well as external storage.

Android Device Manager can be accessed online, while the mobile application is yet to arrive. For reminder’s sake, the service is being offered by Google for free and needs to be turned on through the smartphone or tablet.