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8 Best Android Camera Apps

Best Android Camera Apps

These 8 best Android camera apps are meant for you if you are among those people who like showing off their creative skills through pictures or just a photography buff sans the perfected camera skills. Be it creating funny pictures of friends to have some fun on Facebook or adding that extra spunk to dull images, these applications should tempt you into going overboard with the ‘assigning effects’ bit.

1 – BeFunky Photo Editor:

BeFunky Photo Editor

The first addition to our Android camera apps roster is the popular online photo editing application BeFunky, which boasts of as many as 20 effects to enhance all your pictures. The best advantage is that the app comes sans the annoying advertisements. As expected, this application allows you to execute basic editing functions such as rotating, cropping, adjusting brightness and so on.

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In addition to these, it lets you assign borders and effects like LomoArt, Cross Process, Cooling Filter, Grunge, Violet, Sketch and many more. And once you are done editing the picture, you can save it and share it through social networking websites like Facebook and Flickr.

2 – Camera360:


This interesting application makes up for all those characteristics that a conventional Android camera lacks. True to its tagline ‘Art in Your Hand,’ the Camera360 transforms your picture the way you want to with effects like Lomo, Retro and Dreamlike. While the HDR effect claims to be better than its iPhone counterpart, the app has some unique and funny modes to offer you.

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All those who wish to be on movie posters, paintings, advertisements or greeting cards, just download the application and let your picture adorn all of these canvases using its scenery mode.

3 – FxCamera:


So what if you are an amateur photographer? All you need to cover up your negligible imperfections is the FxCamera Android app. This highly customizable Android camera app is meant for those who seek instant results and an easy to use interface. The intuitive app comes with five effects covering ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam and Warhol.

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Once these effects have been assigned, users can further enhance their pictures using the Config option for even better results. The FxCamera app sure is capable of delivering the desired results with the right amount of editing.

4 – Lightbox – Camera & Gallery:


This entrant in our Android camera apps list is a free camera replacement application called Lightbox which not only lets you enhance your pictures, but also ensures safe storage for your memories. As soon as you launch the application, you are required to create an account on the Lightbox website, which serves as a medium to store and share pictures through social media platforms. The device in question can be synchronized to the Lightbox web portal which in turn, can be linked-to websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr for instantly uploading pictures.

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Also, it can be used along with certain other applications such as Camera360, Vignette, or with the built-in Android camera. Replete with effects, it offers an organized medium to save pictures.

5 – Little Photo:

Little Photo

Another replacement app for Android users, the Little Photo application comes with a horde of effects and tools to add that extra element to your pictures. So what makes it different from all these listed Android camera apps? For starters, it will let you assign one effect over another for a completely unique result.

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Considering that this app has as many as 70 effects to offer, you may only start to imagine the number of new effects that you can create using them. Also, as the name suggests, it reduces the size of the picture once you edit it; but that again facilitates uploading it to social networking websites.

6 – PhotoFunia:


And if you are in the mood to have some fun with your friend’s pictures, visit the Android Market and download the PhotoFunia application. With about 150 available templates to play around with, the end result for the picture is sure to tickle your funny bone. So be it a billboard, stamp or even Mona Lisa’s painting, you can have your face just about anywhere you want.

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And if you think it will be a tedious task to cut and paste pictures, then allow us to tell you that the application will intuitively find the face from the picture and create the desired effect, without you having to do anything.

7 – Retro Camera:

Retro Camera

The Retro camera application brings back nostalgic memories, free of charge. It comes with five different yesteryear camera effects inspired by the Lomo, Holga, Polaroid and Diana toy cameras. With all the necessary effects in place, it creates pictures that look like they have been around for years.

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And needless to say, this retro camera app will let you snap images with the black and white effect too. So download the application to your handheld device and create some totally different analog memories, for a change.

8 – Vignette:


With over 80 effects and close to 60 frames, the Vignette application can totally transform your pictures. Besides vintage effects, the app will let you assign Polaroid effects or create pictures with different camera styles like Lomo, Diana, or Holga. Some other options include cross-process, photobooth, double-exposure, tilt-shift and many more.

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It features digital zoom in addition to offering support for flash and front-facing cameras in select devices. Some other attributes are geotagging, self-timer and time-lapse.

Our list of best Android camera apps to enhance your snapshots draws to a close here. Do let us know which one of these is capable enough to compete with similar applications for Android’s fruity rival.