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6 Best Android Caller ID Apps

Android Caller ID Apps

You’ve come to the right place if the best Android caller ID apps are what you’re looking for. Phones may be the best thing to have happened to the way we communicate, but what about the other strings that are tagged along with them? From dead batteries to it ringing precisely when it’s unwelcome to having to deal with pranksters, ‘chatty frenemies’ or marketers, there are a several things about porting around a handset that may annoy you. Well, we’re glad to say we can be of help with a couple of them at least. Here you go –

1 – Truecaller:

Option 1

Looked upon as a global phone directory, our first option has the ability to smoothly perform the function in question as well as block unwanted numbers. Another interesting feature is that you can seamlessly search for digits and names of individuals strewn anywhere across the globe. Whether it’s a mobile, landline or prepaid number, you’ll still be able to zero in on the owner’s identity. The blacklist attribute embedded here even allows you to keep out pranksters and telemarketers. As the developer reveals, the directory is packed with more than 750 million searchable contacts.

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And even while your handset is buzzing with an unknown number, you can be sure that this interesting software will display the details of the person on the other end. It also lets you add birthdays and photos to your phone-book, all thanks to the social integration with LinkedIn and Facebook. And all it takes is just one touch of the respective widget to access your history, number searches and contacts.

Price: Free

2 – Mr. Number:

Option 2

With this entrant in our roster sitting in your handset, you’ll be able to block unwanted numbers and texts from a person. And this isn’t just limited to one contact. It can even be extended to an area code or any country in the world. This innovative program also proffers reverse lookup for mobile as well as landline numbers.

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What’s more, you can report spam users, SMS and MMS messages so that others won’t fall prey to these pranksters. The software even provides a deeper insight to businesses scattered across the US. Now while the first 20 lookups can be conducted without shelling out a single penny, you would require to part ways with just under a dollar for 20 more lookups.

Price: Free

3 – Real Caller ID:

Option 3

As the brains behind this endeavor reveals, you’ll be blessed with up-to-date information about the person on the other end with our third contender. There’s also a recent caller list that displays all the data even when you happen to miss the ringer. A word of caution to Sprint or Verizon users – in order to receive live information bits, you’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Now, the free version proffers only 5 lookups for you to try. And if you like what you see, you can go ahead and download the 50 or 1000 edition which can be picked up for $1.99 and $18.99, respectively.

Price: Free

4 – callR ID:

Option 5

This inclusion in our array forays onto the scene with the tagline, ‘turns that number into a name.’ As your phone rings, the program will display the name, address and city of the person who’s trying to communicate with you. And in case you have specific information, you can seamlessly punch in this data and find out all about that person. A few of its other interesting features include location with map, extended phone log, delayed reverse lookup and the ability to search for additional information on Google, LinkedIn, Bing and Facebook.

Price: $4.99

5 – WhosCall:

Option 4

No need to even think about these words when you see some unknown digits pop up on your handset screen. This particular software helps provide the base location of the person at the other end of the line. It even blocks certain numbers and texts from unwanted people. And the cherry on top here is the unlimited reverse lookup service which is offered absolutely free of cost. The 300 million and counting cloud database comprises of numbers plucked from 170 countries like the US, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and the Middle East. And just in case you’re wondering, the digits are identified by means of community reporting and internet searching. So whether its random rings from stores or telemarketing people, the program will catch them without any hassles. A few of its noteworthy features read as real-time searching, smart number tagging and a handy widget to ring back.

Price: Free

6 – CIA:

Option 6

The final contender in our roundup isn’t affiliated to the US intelligence agency in any way. However, it does a little digging around of its own in order to bring forth information on the person waiting at the other end of the line. This comes in the form of names, addresses and social network profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook. You can gain access to local as well as international numbers and even block spammers.

Price: Free


Whether it’s blocking certain people or opting for the reverse lookup feature, you can be sure all of the aforesaid best Android caller ID apps will step up and deliver to your cause. You’ll also know whose number is flashing on your touchscreen even if you don’t have that person’s details stored in your phone’s contact list. Well, if you don’t have one such gem already, head straight to the Google Play store and procure any of the options that appealed to you right here. Most of them are even free of cost. Don’t forget to leave your desired mentions in the box located just below.