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7 Best Android Calendar Apps

Best Android Calendar Apps

Here’s a quick look at the 7 best Android calendar apps we’ve compiled for the sort of Android device user with a life so busy and full of adventure, that Google Calendar does not seem enough to keep track of things. Just give everything a try, or settle on one of these applications which fulfill your need for organizing all those important things in life. Surf through our selection of these Android calendar apps and see which can keep it moving according to plan with the help of that nifty Android gadget.

1. Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar

The first in our recommended Android calendar apps roster works in synchronization with Google Calendar or other calendars you have already installed on the smartphone or tablet. It brings the event colors from Google Calendar into view too. If you change the color on the last mentioned, it will automatically appear within this app. And keeping up with the times, the recent update it received a few days ago also makes it compatible with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich release of the mobile platform. The Touch Calendar takes a break from the usual flip routine of months or weeks, and utilizes the zoom-in feature to give a clear look at specific dates, days, and events. It is available as both paid and free versions.

2. Gemini Calendar –

Gemini Calendar

The voice-enabled Gemini Calendar also connects with the Google Calendar for data management. The overall layout and appearance of the calendar make it suitable for planning events and happenings. It lets you add the description of the event, the location, a list of invitees along with their email addresses and details from the history log or address book.

It also stores in the status of the guests attending the event as ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’. The light and dark skin options are currently out only for registered users. Available free of cost in the Android Market, the app has now been translated into several languages for the convenience of international users.

3. CalenGoo


You can pick from five different views with this calendar covering Day view, Week view, Month view, Landscape day view, and Agenda view. The event widgets in CalenGoo appear directly on the homescreen, without users having to open the application. With the latest update, the sizes of the day, month, and agenda widgets are now customizable for Honeycomb users. The upgrade also introduces the addition of an optional white background for events in the Day view.

While this is readily compatible with Google Tasks, it also has the option of merging the inbuilt calendar so that you can download data history and assign icons to events as well. The planner supports recurring events, following a pattern similar to Google Calendar.

4. Pocket Informant –

Pocket Informant

Touting itself to be a full-featured PIM, Pocket Informant is currently available only in English and German, but the developers promise more languages will be added soon. While it originally synced with Toodledo, the recent update makes it compatible with Google Tasks as well. Like most apps to feature in our list of android calendar apps, this one also utilizes your Android Calendar database. When you feed your datebook with tasks and events, you certainly need some organization to avoid confusion about what is done and what is not. PI tends to take care of that by providing some useful filters like active, due, undated, overdue, and completed, along with an auto-deletion option as well.

5. Jorte


Readily compatible with the portrait as well as landscape mode, the developers of Jorte say that it is supposed to give you the look and feel of a physical paper organizer, while maintaining suitability for practical use. With options of monthly or weekly view displays, the app lets you customize its style. The events categorized as important are marked in red for quick viewing, and the schedules that are already done with can also be viewed at a glance. According to priorities and schedules, the starting day of the week can be set by users themselves. You can also import public holidays, or set holidays by yourself within this app on our coolest Android calendar apps list.

6. Business Calendar

Business Calendar

Both paid, as well as free versions of Business Calendar, are worth looking at, the major difference among them being the support for advertisements in the non-paid one. The day view of Business Calendar shows up with 1 to 14 days at a time, the other options being month, agenda, and event views. Users are also allowed to change the font size in the app and widgets. One limitation while using this app is that you cannot move it to your external memory as it will restrict the use of widgets. With the excitement of ICS building up, this one has also rushed in with a v1.1.8.1 update, which makes it Android 4.0 compatible.

7. Fliq Calendar –

Fliq Calendar

This app mainly acts as an enhancement to the existing calendar. So if you are happy with the calendar Google offers, but want to be found bedecking it with some more functions, Fliq Calendar seems like a good option for you.

It allows you to customize the first day of the week, for week as well as month views. The app also displays the number of weeks in both these views. The colors of the calendar can be changed as per the needs of users, allowing them to set what appears apt for a particular event or task. Additionally, it can be synchronized with your desktop, provided you purchase The Missing Sync for the same.

So if you haven’t moved on from heaps of papers to your Android device for planning tasks, events, and so on or were just confused about which app to rely on, it’s probably been solved for you by now. Pick from our compilation of the best Android calendar apps and let your smartphones or tablets effectively organize your tasks for you.