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6 Best Android Business Apps

Best Android Business Apps

Picking the 6 best Android business apps is going to be a task considering that the number of applications in the Google Play store is only increasing with each passing day. From applications to help you email efficiently to those that aid you in editing and managing documents while on the move, the list is endless. But there’s no reason to fret. We’ve scanned through the entire virtual marketplace and jotted down our choices. They include productivity tools that should help you get through the office day with a smile on your face and nothing more than your smartphone at hand.

1. Astro File Manager:

Option 1

Even your average working professional will agree about how cumbersome it can get to simply manage files. That’s just where the Astro File Manager walks in. Giving your smartphone a mini-PC like feel, there’s hardly anything related to file management that the application doesn’t take care of. A simple click lets you copy and move stuff. The software also enables you to rename files, mail them as attachments or take backups too. What’s more, compressing content is very easy, while the recent drag and drop feature makes the tool all the more likeable. The application is available for free from Google Play.

2. Documents To Go:

Option 2

There has to be a reason why everyone recommends Documents To Go irrespective of the kind of user and that’s not the only justification for dropping it into our Android business apps queue. Well, being able to view all kinds of documents in one place doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all. Besides lending a helping hand to Microsoft Office documents, you can also rest assured about being able to view PDF files. While the free version of the application is limited to only downloading and viewing files and attachments, the premium edition makes editing on the go a cinch. The premium version includes a mouthful of rich formatting and computation functions, satisfying almost every need.

3. Locale:

Option 2

We’ll forgive you if you’ve ignored Locale when it popped up in a random search because the name can be really deceiving. But there’s more to the application than you could imagine. It basically functions as an artificial intelligence for your Android smartphone. See it silence your ringer when you arrive at work and automatically switch Wi-Fi on. The robust application is easy to configure too. All you have to do is drag and drop a pin of the location on the map, and have the radius re-sized. It additionally bundles in power conserving abilities that could be a life-saver for your phone when low on battery.

4. ColorNote:

Option 4

ColorNote notepad in our basket is a neat option to enhance your note-making experience. The highlight of the tool is its simple and intuitive interface that should enable you to not just write notes, but also make to-do lists. Featuring a sticky note widget, you can have your notes organized on the basis of their color. The application also allows you to manage your schedule in the calendar while supporting online backup and syncing of notes. You can even choose to password-protect your notes. The utility is inclusive of handy features like a list/grid view, status bar reminder, search function, reminder and sharing. You don’t need a dime to grab this baby.

5. Bump:

Option 5

Trust the Bump application available from Google Play for free, to add fun to otherwise boring boardroom meetings. The application offers a completely revamped way of exchanging contacts, making the business card a thing of the past. To swap contact information or even photos and apps for that matter, all you have to do is ‘bump’ two phones together. Yes, you heard it right. The fun app is particularly useful at conferences where you may have to exchange cards at the drop of a hat. Saving contacts safely in your address books, the application is environment friendly too. The best part is that after you’ve exchanged information with another contact via Bump, the application works as a free texting tool. You can efficiently communicate through messages and receive immediate notifications for the same irrespective of your location.

6. Advanced Task Manager:

Option 6

Last but not the least, in our run-down is Advanced Task Manager. The application walks in as a handy tool for killing tasks or handling unwanted software freeze ups. Besides putting the handle on running tasks, the application works just fine to help speed up your smartphone too. You can also use the tool to save precious battery juice and free memory space. The uninstaller feature in the task killer will allow you to uninstall unnecessary apps without much effort. From displaying the battery life to managing both start-up and regular kill, the tool is plain sailing all the way.

We’re hoping our lineup help you make even a stressful workday both productive and cheerful. If we’ve missed out any of your favorite applications you swear by to get through every day, don’t forget to drop in a word or two.