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7 Best Android Apps for Students

7 Top Android Apps for Students

Our list of the 7 best Android apps for students is obviously aimed at all those who pride themselves on working smart. Knowing that technology comes in handy for most things, we’re going to tell you about how a trip to the Android Market will help you pick up just what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it. Read on to find out more.

1. PowerVocab: Vocab Builder Game –


If you are appearing for SAT, GMAT, GRE, and other such exams or just planning to top that language class, the PowerVocab application is a fun way of preparing for the same. It lets you play the vocabulary game with friends or with yourself over any Android handset, thus making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable, rather than keeping it restricted to reading and understanding random words.

Other than this, users can also search for words, learn new words, review marked words, and more. For Android version 1.6 and later, the app also supports audible pronunciations to lend a better understanding of the spoken form of the word.

2. WolframAlpha


If your curious soul does not know whom to turn to whenever trivia about the world around you pops up into your mind, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. WolframAlpha can be fed with any sort of question right from probabilities in poker full house to the prime minister of Ireland, or you can just type in dates to find out about significant events that happened on that day. A web version of the app is also available.

3. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This compact little Merriam Webster Dictionary supports voice input so that you don’t have to type in the spelling of complicated words, provided that you are aware of the complicated pronunciations the rich and vast English language boasts of. The dictionary not only returns with synonyms and meanings, but also antonyms and example sentences. This entrant in our Android apps for students roster also lets you make a list of favorite words and gives access to favorite words as well. Since it is a free app, you might encounter some ads. Nonetheless, it seems like a dependable tool for getting acquainted with new words.

4 – Wikidroid for Wikipedia –

Wikidroid For Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most easily accessible online encyclopedias, and consequently a favorite with students. However, opening it on a mobile phone might take too much time and space as well. To solve this problem, Sirius Applications developed WikiDroid for Wikipedia. It formats the website to suit your Android device. It supports all the languages offered by Wikipedia. But you might have to compromise on the ‘no advertising’ policy adopted by the website as the app promises non-obtrusive ads. If you completely dislike any disturbances when gaining information, you can just shell out a few dollars to download Wikidroid Plus which comes free of ads.

5 – Droid Scan Pro PDF –

Droid Scan Pro PDF

The next to feature in this list of Android apps for students is the Droid Scan Pro PDF. As the name suggests, it is a scanning application for Android devices. If you are not too keen on physically carrying documents wherever you go, this seems like a suitable app to convert paper documents into soft copies, especially PDF files. The software is also capable of integrating with OCR by Google Goggles, Evernote, and Google Docs. Apart from PDF, the app can convert any image into a JPEG file with certain tweaks to the color, contrast, and geometry. The company recommends that users try the lite version before switching to the paid one.

6. Amazon Student –

Amazon Student

When buying books, games, and other such student centric stuff, it is advisable to check prices elsewhere instead of relying on one place to do all the shopping. But before you embark on a trip to carry out some intelligent school or college shopping, you ought to take a look at the Amazon Student app for Android starring in our lineup of Android apps for students. The app lets you scan bar codes to compare prices, and also gives access to an array of items available on the online retail website. Additionally, the application even works as a platform if you want to sell your belongings. Other perks include Amazon Prime shipping benefits, trade-in programs, and more.

7. RecipeMaker –


Our assemblage of Android apps for students is not limited to gaining knowledge, or merely helping you with academic work. In fact, the next app seems to be pretty useful when trying to hone your culinary skills. You just have to tell RecipeMaker about what ingredients you can access when you are hungry, nobody is around to help, and you have no clue whatsoever about how to use them. The Android application will tell you about all the lip-smacking dishes you can create with them and how. You may simply pick the available ingredients from the list which is ready within the app and hit the ‘make the recipe’ button. The developers welcome user feedback, along with ingredient suggestions too.

This was our take of the best Android apps for students who don’t mind relying on technology to smooth out everyday tasks. But if there is some other app you’ve found incurably useful that we forgot to mention, do give us a shout.