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Android 4.0.3, Updated SDK tools announced

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The Android 4.0.3 upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich has been announced along with updated SDK tools. Apart from the usual bug fixes and tweaks, this development will also be bringing in new APIs for developers.

Applications using social stream data can be synced with the personal contacts located on the device, owing to a new API within v4.0.3. This content including status updates and check-ins, will be provided in a stream, complete with their respective photos. Basically, besides the image and contact information, users will be able to see what their friends’ activities on the SNS.

A new API will facilitate apps to add color to events amongst other features, for making tracking important occasions even easier. This addition is also said to bring in new capabilities for the snapper. Apps will come into the picture to manage and check up on video stabilization as well as employ QVGA resolution profiles when required.

Additionally, a new API on the platform will facilitate screen readers to enjoy enhanced content while text-to-speech engines may possess a new status and error reporting style. Other improvements are expected to roll out for features such as Bluetooth, graphics, database and spell-checking amongst others. So Android fans can look forward to these latest additions on their future gadgets which will be powered by Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3.

The Android 4.0.3 update will apparently be rolled out in the weeks to come, while the recent version of the SDK tools has already been released. Additionally, the 4.0.3 version can be obtained as a downloadable component for the Android SDK.