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A.M.P robot for complete entertainment from SEGA and Hasbro

Pure ScreenshotsIf you are bored of listening to music on your music edition mobile phone and tapping your feet and dancing to the tunes of it all alone, then you have a companion now. A.M.P – Automated Music Personality can be your partner in rhyme. Say cheers!

Developed by the team of Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro, Inc. and Japanese SEGA Toys, A.M.P, the robot is a complete entertainment package which not only plays MP3 music but also does some great dance moves.

Standing 29 inches high, the sleek robot looks straight out of a sci-fi movie with glossy black exterior with yellow and chrome detailing.

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“Hasbro is redefining the mobile stereo entertainment system with the introduction of A.M.P Automated Music Personality,” said Duncan Billing, global development officer, Hasbro, Inc. “By using D.B.T.-Dynamic Balancing Technology, A.M.P is able to balance in a manner that seems to defy gravity.”

“Hasbro and SEGA have a long history of working together in both product development and distribution, and SEGA TOYS is delighted to premiere this cool new media bot to the tech-savvy Japanese consumer,” said Isao Kokubun, C.E.O. of SEGA Toys.

A.M.P needs six D batteries and three AAA batteries to make it entertain you continuously for ten hours.

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You can make A.M.P dance to your tunes as it comes ready with a remote control. To give you some good music from the 5-inch mid-range speakers and two high-output ones
The robot plays music with 62 sound effects. If you want to add more vibrating thump to any song, just press the bass boost button.

It can make some really hot dance moves with the help of Dynamic Balancing Technology in five different modes – Dance, Track, Drive, Park and Follow; and has 49 LED light animations to add to the effect. Are you ready for a robo dance?

It can also be a perfect DJ with the help of its virtual mixing deck and touch pad that allows layering of sound effects.

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It can also be your puppy dog and follow you with the help of IR technology that goes where its remote goes, in the Follow mode. It also has built-in obstacle detection sensors that allow it to move around without bumping into obstacles like stairs, walls, etc. and to stop it you just need to touch its head sensors.

Now if you have made it run around here and there for the whole day and its battery goes low, it will signify it by putting down its kickstand, alerting you to charge it but hey it does not stop the music. So, enjoy. It also has hands to support it incase it falls down.

A.M.P. also carries with it:

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  • An AC power adapter,
  • 6-inch headphone adapter plug
  • The musical robot will be available at select US consumer electronics online retailers from October for $500 approximately.

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