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Among Us Character Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Among Us It’s time to dive into a fully featured Among Us character guide that will help you understand the game and the humanoid creatures that inhabit it better. It was first launched on Android and Windows back in 2018, but success didn’t arrive immediately.

Things took a turn when the pandemic forced people to sit at home and look for newer games to treat themselves to. A lot of prominent streamers started playing Among Us, leading to its increasing popularity and this snowballed into a steep rise in the player count. It kept growing until the game became one of the most popular games of recent times.

How is Among Us played?

Emergency Meeting If you’ve ever played social deduction games with your friends, this title is pretty easy to understand. The game takes place onboard a spaceship in a space-themed setting. Once you decide upon a map, the game puts you in a lobby with up to 14 other players.

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All of them are called Crewmates, but things are not quite as they seem. You see, there is a good chance that you will be a Crewmate, and there is also an odd chance that your character’s fallen in the second category – Imposter.

Kill If you turn out to be an Crewmate, you have two main jobs in every round – tending to the spaceship and searching for clues to find out who the Imposters are. If you’re an Imposter in, you also have two main jobs – to murder all Crewmates and make sure the other Crewmates think you’re one of them.

As an Crewmate, if you suspect someone is an Imposter, you can call an emergency meeting and ask other players to vote them out. Emergency meetings can be called by anyone though. So the fakes have full scope to bluff their way out of vote-outs and save themselves.

What makes Among Us fun?

Voting Among Us is a thrilling game where the fun lies in calling out the bluffs of Imposters. You may spot an Imposter killing someone or doing something dubious. But if they are really good at their job, they can convince the rest of the Crewmates that it is in fact you or someone else that’s the Imposter.

And you’re forced to do this all while completing tasks – faking tasks, if you’re an Imposter – like monitoring admin rooms, controlling electricity, maintaining engines, and more.

How did Among Us grow so popular?

Among Us Crewmates The game was flying under the radar since its 2018 release. However, its popularity spiked due to the stay-at-home restrictions during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the month of July, Chance Morris, better known online as Sodapoppin, started streaming Among Us to his millions of followers. In the next few months, other big streamers picked up the game, including PewDiePie. And suddenly, there was not stopping the popularity of Among Us. At one point, it seemed as though every human was hooked to the game.

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The game allowed people to socialize while staying-at-home, which was the outlet everyone was looking for. Whether it was children, teenagers, or grown-ups, everyone found joy in Among Us and continues to do so even today, when the game has grown by leaps and bounds. Fun trivia: The game was supposed to get a sequel, but the makers decided to scrap it and introduce all its planned features to the current game itself. That’s how popular the game has become.

Who are the humanoid creatures in Among Us?

As we’ve already mentioned, the characters from Among Us are actually crew members of a spaceship that is somehow being invaded by deadly imposters. That’s about as much backstory there is to the strange lore of the title in question.

All of these Among Us characters carry backpacks of some sort that could be oxygen tanks. There is no hierarchy on this ship as every crew member is required to do each job that falls on them.

The weird anatomy of the characters bereft of arms in the Among Us lore has also been questioned a lot by the fans and the developers were kind enough to offer an explanation on the same. When an character is murdered, just one bone sticks out of their bodies in the animations, which proves that they are not humans.

While there has been no clear answer about what sort of creatures they are if not humans, the makers of the game did reply “it’s bone” when a fan asked them to explain the crewmate anatomy. And in a Twitter exchange with Fall Guys, it was confirmed that these ‘space beans’ are three feet and six inches tall.

How are Among Us characters identified?

Among Us Characters Lobby Adding more mystery to the lore of the game, the developers haven’t given names to any Among Us character. When you start playing the title, you choose a name and from thereon, whatever character you pick will have that name attached to it.

That being said, players in chat don’t always tend to refer to your character via this name but rather via the color you’ve chosen for that round. This is why you’re likely to read phrases like “Red is sus” in Among Us chat, “sus” serving as an abbreviation for suspicious.

Avatar creator and every individual character in Among Us

Hat Options Among Us lets you choose from a total of 12 characters based on the colors of their suits. As players enter a game, they need to quickly select their character’s color before it’s taken by someone else. While the lobby fills up, you can also customize your individual Among Us character with Cosmetics in avatar creator. These include hats, skins, and pets.

While the hats section includes regular headgear, skins include stuff like police suits, scuba gear, and so on. As for pets, these are creatures that follow you around wherever you go. Most of these cosmetics are free, but some require you to spend cash from your wallet in order to be accessible. That said, they don’t affect the gameplay in any way.

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Coming back to the Among Us characters themselves, as we said, there are twelve of them (for now) and they each have different colored suits. All of them have the same abilities and their colors do not in any way determine any advantage or disadvantage in gameplay.

The characters are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • Brown
  • Lime
  • Fortegreen
  • Tan

Which is the most popular Among Us character?

Popular Characters Back in December 2020, the makers of the game had shared a list of the most popular and least popular characters via Twitter. It was revealed that Red, Black, and White were the most popular characters at that time, while Lime, Brown, and Green were the least popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the characters in Among Us called?

As we said, there are no names given to any Among Us characters other than the names of the colors of their full body spacesuits that make them look somewhat like astronauts. So most of the time, people refer to them in chat by their color names or via the name that the player has chosen for their character.

Q. Why is the game so popular?

Once you get the gist of it, Among Us is a pretty easy social deduction game to play. Plus, it’s easily accessible with free-to-play versions being available on mobile platforms. So the popularity of the game is due to a combination of these two things, and the fact that it’s so much fun to play.

Q. Are the Among Us characters related?

No, there is no evidence that any of the characters are related to each other.

Q. What are crewmates called?

Crewmates are referred to by the colors of their spacesuits or by the name chosen by the player for their Among Us avatar. There are no universal names for them.