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Amkette Wi-key Touch turns that home TV into a large screen PC

Amkette Wi-key Touch

Crouching over a PC or notebook for most of the day is no fun for the backbone in the long run. Amkette’s all new Wi-key Touch device offers people a larger screen PC experience on the home TV, providing that the latter’s display is actually bigger than the one on the PC or notebook in question.

The Wi-key Touch functions like a remote control to the notebook or PC. Users can hook up a laptop to an LCD TV with an HDMI cable and plug in the Wi-key Touch in order to convert the TV into a large screen PC. The chassis comes equipped with a multi-touch touchpad, multimedia hotkeys and a power management utility.

“Wi-key Touch is a boon for nearly 8 million LCD TV owners in India. The revolutionary product was conceptualized and created keeping in mind the needs of millions of PC users and their desire to have large screen PC experience,” remarked Rajiv Bapna, Director of Amkette. “Wi-key touch is yet another example of Amkette’s commitment to bring ground breaking products to enhance the computing experience of the users.”

Amkette’s latest offering can be used with Windows or Mac and almost any tablet PC. It may also be hooked up to PS3 or Xbox 360 for an enhanced gaming experience. The peripheral is crafted to perch comfortably on the lap and includes a large wrist area for typing comfort. The 2.4GHz RF it uses ensures connectivity from distances of up to 10m.

The Wi-key Touch has found its way to more than 6,000 retail outlets across India. Covered by a year-long warranty, a Rs. 2,495 price tag attaches itself to this device.