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Amidst Coronavirus Shutdown, Online Gambling Set To Thrive


As the world continues to reel in the unprecedented pandemic that’s the coronavirus outbreak, there are shutdowns happening in major markets, severely affecting their prospects. However, there are a few industries that stand to gain from this unfortunate outcome. These include video game publishers, online streaming services and of course, online gambling outlets. When even everything from local bars to big casinos are being closed down, there’s a good chance that a large chunk of people will participate in online gambling, and in turn, boost the booming industry.

Italy, which is one of the countries worst affected by the COVID-19 menace has reportedly seen historic levels of participation in online poker tournaments. While the cash game traffic was on a five-year high, weekend tournaments are said to have smashed through guarantees by a factor of four. In fact, people all over Europe seem to be swarming mobile casino lists in search of some much-needed respite from the lockdown caused by the deadly virus.

However, this boom only applies to regular online gambling opportunities like poker tables, slots, roulette and more. Sports betting will, of course, be taking a massive hit, even as organizers of all major sports events from around the world are being forced to cancel or postpone tournaments to prevent the spread of the disease in large crowds. Some leagues like the Russian Premier League, the Turkish Süper Lig, and the AFL continue to hold matches against popular opinion, but it seems that won’t be going on for long.

The COVID-19 sure has caused a lot of mayhem around the world. Believed to have originated in China, the virus has roughly caused more than 3000 deaths in the said country. And while the nation is finally managing to bring the situation under control, the death toll in other parts of the world continues to rise. Italy is the second-worst affected, with over 27000 cases to date and over 2100 deaths. Recently, the US was dealt a huge blow by the virus, with more than 4700 cases and over 90 deaths.

In these testing times, the world is ready to cross whatever hurdles necessary to get COVID-19 threat over with. If that means staying at home and indulging in indoor activities, there’s great scope for activities like online casinos to prosper.