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AMD introduces the fast and furious The AMD FireStream 9250

AMD Logo Here’s presenting a gen-next stream processor from AMD – The AMD FireStream 9250. The processor is especially designed to make the computing experiencing super-fast and high-quality. The processor was introduced by AMD at the International Supercomputing Conference held in Germany.

AMD FireStream 9250 empowers high-performance computing (HPC) by including a second-generation double-precision floating point hardware implementation, thereby ‘breaking the one teraflop barrier for single precision performance’ and delivering more than 200 gigaflops, racing ahead the performance put up by FireStream 9250’s predecessor FireStream 9170.

The latest processor delivers an extraordinary eight gigaflops per watt performance rate, consumes less than 150 watts of power! It uses just one PCI slot and owing to its ‘compact’ size, it can be used in small 1U servers as well large servers, even in desktop systems and workstations. The AMD FireStream 9250’s compact size makes it ideal for small 1U servers as well as most desktop systems, workstations and larger servers and it features 1 GB of GDDR3 memory, enabling developers to handle large, complex problems.

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1 GB of GDDR3 memory makes handling of big and complicated problems easier for developers. Indispensable and crucial workloads like financial analysis or seismic processing can now be done faster and with complex work getting processed easily, the time-period of getting results has been reduced to give out a faster outcome with the help of the latest processor from AMD. As explained by AMD “developers are reporting up to a 55x performance increase on financial analysis codes as compared to processing on the CPU alone, which supports their efforts to make better and faster decisions. Additionally, the use of flexible GPU technology rather than custom accelerators assists those creating application-specific systems to enhance and maintain their solutions easily.”

The series of FireStream is also open to developers to accelerate and elevate AMD FireStream, ATI FireGL, ATI Radeon and GPUs; via the AMD Stream SDK. To help developers to access and enhance on the tools, AMD has also published interfaces for its high-level API language, intermediate language, and instruction set architecture; and the AMD Stream SDK’s Brook+ front-end which are available as open source code.

The FireStream 9250 along with its SDK will be made available by AMD in the third quarter of 2008 at $999 USD MSRP. However, AMD FireStream 9170, the industry’s first GP-GPU with double-precision floating point support AMD FireStream 9170 is already available for $1,999 USD.

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