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Ambrane’s P1511 is a whopping 15600mAh power bank that costs just Rs 1399

Ambrane Power Bank

It’s hard to believe that a power bank with a 15600mAh can be bought in exchange of just Rs 1399, but the Ambrane P1511 really does come at that price. Exclusive to Flipkart, this new product is capable of charging your smartphone 6 to 7 times before you’ll be needed to charge it again.

The new Ambrane P1511 power bank comes equipped with not one but two USB ports, enabling more than one device to be charged at a time. Apart from supporting up to 6 to 7 full charges, this 15600mAh beast is also able to withstand up to 500 times charge discharge cycle.

Ambrane has taken a minimal approach to the device’s design, and has blessed it with a faux leather appearance, granting it stitches on two vertical ends. The two color options that are available for purchase via Flipkart are gold and black.

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Apart from charging phones, tablets and other gadgets, the P1511 is also able to double up as a torch. It even features indicative LED lights to denote the amount of charge it has left on it.

This power bank from Ambrane has been fitted with a special RISC microprocessor that aids in the speed of charging. It does that by automatically adjusting its output level based on the device that is being charged. Apart from all these features, it even bears a reset mechanism and protection from overcharging, overheating and electromagnetic fields.

Flipkart is where you need to be headed if you wish to buy the newly unveiled Ambrane P-1511 power bank at its low price of Rs 1399. While the black model is available right now, the gold one seems to be out of stock.