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Amazon’s Internet is a lightweight Android browser for India

Amazon Internet

Amazon’s quietly rolled out a new browser simply called “Internet” for Android phones on the Google Play Store. The app is targeting users who want a lightweight browser which won’t hog up space in their phone.

That’s because Internet is just 2MB in size, much lower than rivals like Google Chrome and Firefox which weigh in at 21MB and 19.9MB, respectively. Amazon is only making it available in India right now and has done no publicity for the app. It came out in March and boasts of less than 1000 downloads since then.

It’s possible Amazon is just experimenting with Internet before it launches the application on a much larger scale. As noted by TechCrunch, it appears to have been developed by the company’s India branch as the feedback email address points to an Amazon India domain.

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Internet will work on Android phones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. Amazon claims all sessions are private, meaning it won’t ask people for extra permissions or collect their data like other browsers. There’s also a separate Private mode which lets them surf the web without saving these visits to their history.

The home page looks a lot like Google Chrome’s layout, featuring a search bar, 8 recent sites, and a list of trending news. There are also tab previews and an automatic full-screen mode. Strangely enough, Internet isn’t available on Amazon’s own Appstore in India. Perhaps it’ll arrive at a later date.

You can download Internet via the Play Store.