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Amazon Appstore opens to HTML5 web apps, what will Google and Apple do?

HTML5 web app developers, if you haven’t heard the news yet, then here it is – Amazon’s Appstore decided to roll out the carpet for you. iTunes may be THE app store to beat; but Amazon has done surprisingly good business as compared to Google Play if the fact that it doesn’t come pre-loaded on Android is considered. The company is obviously eager to have its foot in web applications too.

So it has ironed out the process of getting HTML5 apps to the mobile sphere with two new attractive additions. For one, developers don’t have to bother rewriting codes in order to port their applications to Kindle or other Android devices. The Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program is offering a simple solution that will merely require the URL of the HTML5 software as well as the relevant icons and screenshots to be submitted for reviewing.

Amazon will then shoulder the task of packaging the approved content in a format that is compatible with Kindle or other Android devices. What’s more, those who intend to earn money via in-app sales can do so by implementing the provided API for Javascript. App Annie claims to have figures that prove just how attractive developers find the Appstore to be. A huge number of publishers who are already making applications for Google Play apparently find expansion to Amazon’s store pretty simple. By now embracing HTML5 web apps too, the company is doing something Google and Apple have yet to do.

Here’s the official Amazon link breaking down the entire process of submitting an application for consideration. Worried about compatibility issues? It also offers directions for downloading the Web App Tester and giving your product a run on Kindle Fire or Android, before you tackle the submission process.