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Amazon Vine Program – Should You Use It In 2021?

If you browse Amazon product pages, it won’t be long before you stumble across a review with a badge written by an Amazon Vine reviewer. You may find these reviews on some of your competitor’s pages. So, what is Amazon Vine? Is it something that you should be using for your business too? Let’s take a look!

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is a review program for products on Amazon.

amazon logo We don’t know if you know this, but whenever a brand launches a new product to market, PR companies will ship out ‘review copies’ to reviewers on various websites, blogs, and newspapers. The idea is that increased coverage is an affordable way to drive people toward purchasing a product.

Amazon Vine works similarly. However, the program sends products only to active reviewers on Amazon. The reviews will also only appear on the Amazon website.

Amazon has a pool of Amazon Vine reviewers to whom they will ship your product. These reviewers are usually interested in the product and, perhaps more importantly, that they will review the product for you.

When Amazon ships out your product to potential reviewers, the reviewers will review it just like any other product. After moderation, Amazon posts the review directly to your product page. As we said before, the review will have ‘Amazon Vine’ written next to it, just so that other people know that a reviewer received the product for free.

We will go into a bit more depth on this soon. However, you can think of the Amazon Vine program or this amazon feedback software as a way to drastically boost the number of reviews that your product has. If these are positive reviews, you stand a huge chance of getting yourself a few extra sales. It may even lead to a boost in the Amazon search engine.

As long as you are using Amazon FBA, using this program is entirely free. All that it will cost is the value of the product. So, if you sell a product that costs you just a couple of dollars to buy, the review will cost only a couple of dollars. If you will get positive reviews, this is probably the most affordable type of advertising ever!

Who Can Use the Vine Program?

affiliate Anybody that uses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and has stock sitting in an Amazon warehouse can take advantage of the Amazon Vine program. There are very few exceptions when it comes to the products that can be shipped out too.

The only people that can’t take advantage of Amazon Vine are those people that are selling products that require owning another product to work. For example, you cannot use Amazon Vine to get game controllers reviewed as it would require the ownership of a gaming device.

You do have to remember that Amazon Vine will only work for products with under 30 reviews. If you have more than 30 reviews, then you cannot benefit from this program. Amazon will also only ship out products up to that 30 reviews maximum. It means that if you have 25 organic reviews, you can only receive up to 5 more reviews from Amazon Vine reviewers.

Is it Worth Using Amazon Vine in 2021?


As long as you are not selling wildly expensive products, then the cost of using Amazon Vine is meager. Even if you were selling expensive products, the cost of using Amazon Vine is light compared to traditional advertising. Sure, it won’t have the same impact as a major advertising campaign, but the Amazon Prime program certainly gives you bang for your buck.

Having reviews on your product, particularly positive reviews, will also be great for your business.

Similarly, when people buy products from Amazon, they like to look at the star rating, and they may take a quick look through the reviews. They need to know that the product they are looking to buy is going to be good. If there are no reviews, or the reviews are negative, then they will look elsewhere. Amazon Vine is going to be the quickest way to get legit reviews on your product.

If you have a wealth of positive reviews, you will also appear higher in the Amazon search. It increases your chance of pulling in some new customers. As a result, more money is rolling into your business! We cannot guarantee that an Amazon Vine reviewer will give you a positive review. They can be negative in their review. However, we trust that you wouldn’t be sending out products through Vine unless you were confident that people would enjoy them.

If you aren’t using Amazon Vine, then we suggest that you do so. It is probably one of the quickest and most affordable ways to boost your business on Amazon.

Final Word

Amazon Vine is worth using in 2021. As long as you have confidence in y9our product, the small cost of using Amazon Vine will be negligible compared to the amount of business it will generate you.